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The Power of the Pooch

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Yep, they have our love and adoration the moment we see them playing, rolling around, or just plainly looking so darn cute. Puppies. Dogs. Man's best friend...and woman's too. Companions for life.

Many stories have been written about dogs from those who serve with our military searching for IEDs, dogs who help blind individuals have new "sight", dogs who are used to comfort the elderly or aged who are homebound, or dogs who are used in hospitals to help children to heal, also known as pet therapy. There are even miraculous stories of dogs helping to save their owners in life threatening situations. They certainly deserve to be called a "best friend" because their love, loyalty and companionship are unconditional.

For instance, I recently had an enlightening conversation with a neighbor in my community who is a longstanding member of Canine Therapy Corps in Chicago. She and her retriever, Billy, are passionate about what they do. They work specifically helping emotionally and physically challenged children. Billy had to be well trained at being an interactive part of the program before he was allowed to visit with kids. But now they all love him and he has proven to provide them with more than a wet tongue, wagging tail and a longing to be petted. Billy's presence and interaction with the children has created a unique emotional and physiological effect on the health and well being of the children.

So how exactly does this work? How can a dog evoke sensation, emotion, participation, motivation and love within us? What is their healing power? Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, is one of few who can really get into the doggie psyche and soul. He has an uncanny ability to truly understand our canine friends and in numerous ways, has illustrated his ability to change a dog's behavior through consistent, positive reinforcement. But how does the canine-homosapien relationship really work? Is there some underlying energy that our furry friends know and understand better than us?

Some say dogs have a sixth sense. This means that they can detect energy beyond their sense of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste, which is already more heightened than that of humans. So if they do, in fact, possess this extra sensory sixth sense, how does the connectivity with humans work? How are some dogs so readily and happily able to connect with some of us who may be challenged to connect with each other?

Perhaps that is their special gift. Their ability to detect and "read" an energy most of us can't really recognize at first. Their gut instinct is so innate and their ability to follow it, without trying to reason/justify it, is what makes them so special. They just "know."

Some of us are able to develop that "knowing". But for us it takes time and wisdom. The power of the pooch is much stronger. Many veterinarians, dog trainers and dog owners will attest to the belief that dogs are able to sense/feel human emotion more readily, perhaps that is why they crave our attention more than cats, horses or other mammals. They seem to continually want to relate to us in their own doggie way. Their bond to humans/owners is extremely strong. And this bond can help us to feel better, to heal, to feel joy,trust, companionship, security and happiness.

As an owner of many different types of pets during my childhood and adult years, I have a love for all animals. However, I may be a bit more partial to our canine companions. They are unconditionally bonding. Heck, even in Chinese astrology, the DOG sign is characterized by being loyal, amicable, kind, cautious and sincere. That surely describes our canine friends.

So whether you are currently a dog owner or not, know that these fuzzy, bone-loving, frisbee-catching, ball fetching pups are more than just your furry pet; they are bonded to you energetically, innately, instinctively and lovingly. Their attachment, affection and unconditional dedication to you goes beyond what many will even believe to be real. They are your poochie bff, soulmate, protector and spiritual guru wrapped into one. May the power of the pooch prevail !