The Power of Authenticity and Unfiltered Living

I just don't have patience anymore for small talk.

I find nothing more boring than small talk.

Sure, I can go through my life and exchange pleasantries with people. Talking to the waitress about something, or the dry cleaner, or talking about the weather with somebody passing by.

Making pleasantries.

I have no problem with that. I don't expect to get into deep conversations 24/7 with people I don't know. But when people start small talking you when you're interested in them on a dating level, it bores the shit out of me.

I prefer to live an unfiltered, authentic life. I really don't give a shit what I say. I'm not looking to insult anybody, but I really don't censor myself. There's no point.

There's no point in playing it safe, because nothing good or magical happens from playing it safe. Actually, you're going to get nothing at all.

People who play it safe tend to live a very protected life. As far as I'm concerned, they live a boring existence.

When you play it safe, you're going to get what you have always gotten. That's what playing it safe is all about. Small talk to me, is really safe talk.

It's easy. You don't offend anybody. You make sure that everybody sees the lovely little idle chit chat small talk side of you. You also don't make an impression on anybody. Imagine if Howard Stern got on the radio every single day and small talked his audience.

Would he have made an impression on you at all?

People who small talk make zero impression on me.


I'm not saying this to be harsh or mean. I'm saying that if you truly want to live a life of authenticity and connect deeply with others, I strongly suggest you start living an unfiltered life.

A life that goes unfiltered will always have surprises, because you're not leaving life on the table.

When you have an unfiltered life, you'll say things that might shock people. You'll get into conversations that you've never gotten into before, and you'll start to connect deeper with people than ever before.

People will know they're in the presence of someone who actually gives a shit. Someone who wants to connect deeply and has strong opinions.

There is enough average and middle of the road in the world, you don't need to be either. You need to be you. When you go in that direction, the direction of you, that's where you will find the most interesting connections.

Your success in life, whether it's financial, social or romantic, will grow exponentially each time you step further into who you are.

Bring more of yourself to your interactions, not less. Eventually you'll step back and realize you are ten times more successful and you will feel better.

So next time someone is small talking you, try to step outside your comfort zone and ask something that's a little more daring. A little more thought provoking.

Be memorable, because that's what life is all about. It's about being memorable. It's about being authentic. It's about being real and owning your feelings.

Otherwise, you're just going to be another person. You'll just be another person who small talks somebody to death.