The Power of Celebration

In our quest to improve, to grow, build our business and achieve greater success, there is a trap many of us fall into. That trap is what I like to call 'the fly by'.

We set goals and work to achieve them, and the moment we do, our attention quickly refocuses on the next milestone ahead. We fly right by what we just accomplished. In the blink of an eye, the skill we just mastered or thing we achieved fades from view. Maybe we make note of it as something to leverage on our resume, but rarely do we take the time to truly honour the effort and determination - and sometimes courage - we exhibited - in the achieving of that goal.

Does this matter?

You bet!

Building a successful business is, along with the exhilaration and joy of doing what you love, an endless series of tasks to complete, challenges to meet and targets to reach. What's the most important word in the previous sentence? Endless. That's right. Challenges and milestones are simply par for the course. The nature of business, itself. They don't stop.

So, if we don't build celebration into the rhythm of our lives, emotional fatigue can set in. Have you ever had that dull feeling and asked yourself 'what's the point'? Without pausing to celebrate, our achievements can quickly seem meaningless and lead to that monotonous feeling that people call the 'treadmill'.

On the other hand, the benefits of celebrating are enormous! Here are just a few:

Your self-confidence gets a boost!
Hey - it took strength of spirit to accomplish what you have, did it! Just look at what you are capable of! Who knows what else you could do? Celebrating reinforces your confidence and sense of capability.

Your self-respect increases.
You didn't give up. Whether it took you a long or a short time to reach your milestone, you stuck with it and eventually got there. That self-respect is now a part of your identity. Celebrating reinforces it. With more self-respect, you are less swayed by the opinions of others, and paradoxically that self-respect garners more respect from others.

Celebrating allows you to rest and gain strength.
In the endless quest for achievement, pausing to celebrate is as important as resting for a day after a really hard workout at the gym. Important things happen in this resting period. You integrate the skills and the qualities you had to develop in order to reach that stretch goal. You internalize what you learned and it becomes part of your life's wisdom. A new launching pad from which to soar to greater heights.

You connect with others.
Deliberately making time to celebrate your achievements - and those of people you care about - is a wonderful opportunity to, well, party! Life shouldn't just be about work. Celebrations are a great excuse to hang with our friends, let loose with colleagues, and focus on the fun and richness of life - not just the challenges.

Celebrating increases joy.
What you focus on, grows. I'll leave this one to Oprah:

What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it.

Oprah Winfrey

And who wouldn't want more things to celebrate?