The Power of Community and Technology

I recently watched a fascinating presentation by Mightybell founder Gina Bianchini on how to think like an entrepreneur. Recorded in July of this year, the Lean In co-founder talked about the power of community and also her passion for the Lean In movement.

Bianchini credits the Cupertino community where she grew up as a testament to her success, and it is this influence that led to her founding Ning, a space for people with similar interests to come together and create their own social network.

Bianchini has had a great impact in the social media community, and in her presentation, she talks about the sharing of knowledge and challenges whilst creating the online networks. An environment of authentic sharing and collaboration has resulted in technology that has changed people's lives in community technology, and it is evident that this is one approach that is required to be able to think in an 'entrepreneurial manner.'

Bianchini is clear that the next wave is talking to each other in small conversations that complement the large discussions already taking place on Facebook and Twitter.

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In is the start of this conversation, and the concept of self-organizational Circles that bring people together for intimate, small conversations on professional development and educational topics is an inspirational model.

It is in these Circles that the correct mind-set and entrepreneurial ideas are created through encouraging conversations that cannot necessarily take place with other individuals in certain environments. Technology is a driving force in enabling this to happen, and Bianchini's Mightybell platform plays a strong role in creating an online presence for Circles and their members.

It is authentic communities both on and offline that have given me the motivation, courage and drive to 'lean in' and seek out unique and rewarding opportunities. Technology has connected to me to mentors, colleagues and friends across the globe, enabling me to participate in authentic conversation, sharing ideas and creating new ones. As a Manager of a Lean In Circle, I immediately saw the potential and positive action that could come from a place of small conversation and big ideas. Technology and community go hand in hand, and I am excited to see how they can inspire and drive entrepreneurial ideas in my own life.