The Power of Conscious Choice
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Co-authored by Joe Sanok

Over the course of a typical day, you make numerous choices in your business and in your everyday life. At the conscious level, you make hundreds, if not thousands of choices every day. At the unconscious level, you make an incalculable number of choices daily. By focusing your energy to make as many of your decisions as consciously as possible, you will maximize your ability to pursue your passions and purpose and create positive change.

From the moment you wake up, you are making choices. The evening before bed, you make choices that will impact tomorrow. For example, consciously choosing to have a good day, may mean that you need to prepare the night before. Morning meditation, healthy eating, and planning the day's tasks are all choices that change your environment.


Choices are statements about your priorities. They indicated what you value. Each choice you make both opens and closes doors for you. Doors open by providing access to new and specific opportunities. Doors close by eliminating any options. Therefore, the more decisions you make with active consciousness, the more assert active control over your destiny.

Consider all of the choices you make in your business. You choose the type of business you own, your vision and values, the customers you serve, the people you work with, the products and services you offer, and the prices at which they're offered.

You choose how to structure your daily activities and whether you will consciously choose your priorities or haphazardly go through your day. Do you merely hope for success or do you actively choose success? Are you conscious about how you respond to what occurs throughout your day?

Consider even the small choices you make each day. They may have turned into habits that you don't even recognize. For many people, habits are choices that you don't evaluate. Buying that cup of coffee, not working out, or letting email determine the direction of your day are all examples of negative habits that most likely resulted from unconscious choices.


The decisions you make will determine the course of your business, including how rapidly your business grows, as well as the financial success of your organization. You also choose the level of difference your business can make in the world.

Are you choosing to build a culture that attracts top talent and fosters growth? Consistent conscious decisions are necessary to maintain such a culture. Are you choosing to build your business based on profits alone or is it designed to also achieve a larger purpose and provide fulfillment to employees, suppliers, and customers?

It is important to pursue a higher purpose through how your conduct your business and live your daily life. Money and profit margins alone cannot drive an organization to maximum success. Many people may argue with that idea, but until you accept it as truth, I guarantee that you will make far less money and earn far less success than you deserve.

Simply put, your choices determine whether you operate from a higher consciousness or remain unconscious of the consequences - for yourself, for others, and our world. Your choice to build a business based on passion and an ability to improve the lives of your customers and your employees is directly correlated to your ability to build a profitable business.


You are constantly making choices in business and in life. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not make these decisions consciously. Instead of consciously evaluating the direction and results they want to achieve, many entrepreneurs jump ahead to taking action. In contrast, entrepreneurs who consciously guide their organizations forward, do so by establishing clear business objectives and plans before moving forward. The first step in everything you undertake is to consciously choose what you want!

When you seek to make a difference as a business, it is an intentional choice. You structure your priorities to create change. That change leads to identifying areas that can be eliminated. Then the business can improve its overall efficacy. This comes from the choice of deciding what is most important.


Top talent continues to evaluate an environment beyond the paycheck. Making an impact on the world is no longer for dreamers, but instead an expectation of top talent. Further, it creates creative opportunities that may be utilized in business decisions.

Entrepreneurs who make the biggest differences, grow the biggest businesses, and enjoy deeply fulfilling and passionate lives all take responsibility for achieving what they desire. They share a common understanding that the only way to control their futures is to assume the responsibility of making conscious choices. If you want to take control of your financial future, then consciously choose your destiny and take conscious focused actions to attain it!

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