The Power of 'Delete'

Yesterday, I noticed my friend's text message pop up on my iPhone screen.

The message said, "Call me." She's a very formidable woman; has degrees in both law and psychology, and a huge job with the city of Chicago. She is going to Burning Man 2014 (the week-long 2014 post-apocalyptic celebration of creative expression that pops up in the Nevada desert each August). It is an awe-inspiring collection of huge pieces of art. Thousands of people dress up in artistic garb and attend the week long festival. She is going with her two of her 30-year-old nephews. She is in her sixties! She is one of my girlfriends who I consider "a keeper."

So, I called her.

We discussed what we were going to do as couples that night. Out of the blue, in her fast-clipped voice, she said, "I added a new word to my vocabulary...DELETE. Been there, done that with women who play the one up you game and are boring!" I immediately thought of my keyboard and this word.

I smiled to myself.

After we hung up, I thought about the word "delete." It is a formidable and strong word. It means end. It means over. Isn't it refreshingly to realize you can rid yourself of unnecessary baggage with one word?


So, grandmothers and daughters, define your needs about everything. What ever does not float your boat... DELETE!

Do Something Good Today: Recognize that your time is VALUABLE! If you feel overwhelmed, just DELETE!