The Power of Expressing Your Love

I wonder how many hold back their love. It "should" be the easiest thing in the world, but often it is not.
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Anyone who is residing in the power of love is
never destroyed, never separated, always free,
always up, always growing.

-- John-Roger

What is love for, other than expressing it, giving and receiving? This may sound obvious, but how often have you wanted to express your love and it came out differently, or was misunderstood or perhaps you were made to feel ashamed in some way?

There is a price to pay for not making the attempt. You may suffer a lost connection, or never learn from having made a mistake. Either way, not expressing your love, you are the less for holding back where you might have given.

khanti commented on last week's article, "Igniting an Unspoken Conversation."

Do you remember the song Living Next Door To Alice? I always wonder why the guy lived the past 24 years next door to Alice and never expressed his love for her.

WATCH: Smokie -- Living Next Door To Alice:

It made me wonder how many hold back their love. It "should" be the easiest thing in the world, but often it is not. You might be scared of appearing vulnerable, of being hurt or rejected. But you never know what blessings might occur through being more courageous.

Then, I wondered what the world might be like if more of us expressed our love. Might be very nice. The human community is surely in need of our love as many struggle to find their way in this evolving world.

In a marriage, for want of expression, love may dwindle and disappear altogether. And romance may fade. From SShaw490's comment last week:

This is eerily timed -- my wife and I have been married for 28 years, and like in lots of marriages, we've grown distant over the years. Small slights unforgiven and little insensitive words unforgotten have built a wall, then outright resentment. She's smarter than I am, and she realized we had to do better, so she opened up the conversation by telling me that she was unhappy and felt that I was closed off and hostile. She was right, of course. I don't express myself well, but I tried to run through the laundry list of all the things I didn't like about our relationship, then for some reason I started telling her about the first time I ever saw her face -- and how I fell in love with her right there. Within five minutes of meeting her, I was in love -- and it's the ultimate sin, the absolute worst thing a person who's living on the Earth can do, to push that love down under the swill of resentment over irrelevant things. When I look at her face today, I see exactly the same 20-year-old I saw the first time. If I live in anything but gratitude and amazement that such a thing could happen to me, I'm living the pinnacle of human failure.

Last weekend, Alice Barker of The Number One Ladies Website Agency devoted great care, detail and attention in uploading my "The Wealth Book -- Winning With Spirit." She treats all her projects in this way. They are a passion and an expression of her love. Alice is also one of he most generous people I know. Friends go out of their way to support her when she has need of it.

This summer, I am assisting a friend with a course of study which involves my choosing an intention each day. An intention does not have to be grand or life long. It comes from the heart. I have found this exercise amazingly powerful and enlightening. One day, I chose the intention: To express my love. Simple.

Instead of staying comfortably at home, I made a point to go out and meet friends when the opportunity showed up. It was very rewarding. In giving my interest and attention, I found myself receiving new ideas and fresh contacts. Later, I took care to express my love in phone calls, in emails and to myself, with a little more patience, tolerance and humor.

Before you express the power of love, you must
first be silent in order to find out what love is.

-- John-Roger

The point about an intention is that of becoming more consciously aware of an experience or expression you would like to be enjoying more. Imagine a day in which you might choose to be consciously aware of the beauty in and around you, to be grateful for the blessings you normally take for granted, to be open to receive, to trust in the goodness in your life, or to be willing to surrender doubt for wonder. Love has many dimensions.

Consider ways you might express your love: by a simple touch to a loved one, a smile to a stranger walking by, a phone call to a friend with whom you have lost touch, through taking on a inspired project at work or in your community, or by participating with the Breakthrough challenge here on HuffPost, to transform a current crisis into a magnificent new life.

Imagine the power of expressing your love, what you care about and what is true for you:
- at home with your special loved ones;
- at your workplace with your colleagues, boss or employees;
- in your community with friends, at school or college, your church.
What would that be like for you? I would love to hear how that has been for you in the past, or how that could be for you now, and in the future.

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