The "Power" of Going Greek

The moment has finally arrived. I am about to experience my first semester as a university campus college girl. Go Me!! I spent the summer before my fall semester dreaming of becoming a sorority girl. I have listened to older girlfriends talk about Greek Life to the point that I'm about to explode with all the excitement and nervousness that comes with recruitment. With everything in life, there are always expectations. Wait, what are my expectations? What is it really like being a sorority girl? I was so focused on the idea of having fun, making new friends and being a part of campus life that I never really stopped to consider the "power" behind those ancient Greek letters. I quickly learned that I wasn't expected to know or understand the value of this in depth right away... One only experiences this after initiation. Yes, I'm a sorority girl and I'm proud to say I've got the "power"!

My biggest passion in life is helping others, particularly young girls with low self-esteem. Empowering girls to be themselves and ignore society's standards led me to create my non-profit organization, Girls Above Society. During recruitment as I revealed my passion for helping others through my organization, I watched their eyes light up with excitement and I felt as though they hung on every word I had to say. Upon receiving my bid it felt as though a proclamation had been made as I was enveloped with support and admiration. I was shocked to see how quickly my sisters jumped on board as we carried out a successful anti-girl-on-girl-bullying event on campus my very first semester! This was my first "power" moment in Greek Life. Any thoughts I had of stereotypes like Mean Girls or girls that aren't smart instantly vanished.

Being a sorority girl is so much more than the dramatization that movies portray. I am now a part of something bigger than myself, and I have truly found a group of girls who empower each other in their daily lives. Do sorority girls gossip? ALL girls gossip but I have yet to encounter an out of the ordinary drama fest. Our house is full of laughter, silliness, Netflix marathons and way too many "What should I text back to him?" moments as well as many special unseen moments of girls instilling the "power" of happiness to those feeling down. I wasn't sure what to expect during recruitment, and I honestly wasn't even sure Greek Life was for me, until I stepped foot in the Alpha Delta Pi house. I have also learned that the commonly heard stereotypes are not true, and I am here to debunk some popular myths about Greek Life.

"Academics Are Not Very Important"

Forget what you see in the movies, girls! Your GPA matters, not only for you, but for your house as well. You are a pupil primarily and sororities recognize that. Many houses have library hours for their new members and for active members that fall under a specific GPA. Being in Greek Life has aided me in focusing more on my education, since my GPA has an impact on the entire house's GPA. We go to the library together, have study sessions and support each other when we are so stressed, and are about to rip our hair out. Consider it a perk to have numerous girls on speed dial for help when you need it the most!

"I Will Be Too Busy"

While every chapter is different, a sorority is a well-balanced focal point during your college years. While there are a variety of mandatory events and weekly meetings you will find that opportunities and connections will present themselves as positive resources for your social and professional future. What you put into your sorority is what you will get out of it. A sisterhood is all about becoming a well-rounded and respectable woman... By getting involved and seizing every opportunity that comes your way, you will become this, and so much more!

"I Will Make Frenemies"

Quite frankly, I cannot say that I would have made such powerful bonds if I didn't join Greek Life. My sisters are my best friends and the bond we have is different than any other kind of friendship. You're not going to automatically be BFF's with all eighty-something girls, but you will find the girls that you just click with. Your first semester in a sorority will be a crazy one, and you and your pledge sisters will bond over this madness together. I always thought it was so cliché when girls said they found their bridesmaids in their sorority... Now I know exactly what they are talking about! Sororities are looking for the best. Consider yourself surrounded by champions!

"It Won't Help Me After College"

Being a part of Greek Life has already unlocked a huge system for me. I have met so many wonderful sorority alumni who graciously offer their support to new members. Here again, I have experienced the "power" of the meaning "Greek for Life." Being a part of a sisterhood requires you to work as a team, make good grades, be involved and it's a huge bonus if you take on an officer position in your chapter! These are all great things to put on a resume, and I truly believe my senior sisters when they say "It's not four years, it's for life."

Regardless of the letters you choose to wear, one thing remains the same: Joining a sisterhood is a big step, and a huge amount of responsibility. You will experience and witness the "power" it holds as you make your mark on life. All sororities are different, so make sure you join the right one for you. There is a house for everyone, and joining a sorority for the right reasons (sisterhood, empowerment, networking) will provide you with a built-in group of girls who will support you and boost your self-confidence.

"I believe that the privilege of membership in Alpha Delta Pi brings the responsibility to do my best in whatever I undertake, always remembering that leadership requires confidence tempered with humility and courage blended with tolerance."

Alpha Delta Pi's motto is "We live for each other," and if that's not the "power" of sisterhood, then I don't know what is.