The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention
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You can evolve with whatever direction you set your mind to. This is called the “power of intention.” It is a universal law that illustrates how powerful you are in creating your own destiny through your thoughts and choices. Focus your mind with intention, and your ability to accomplish goals will increase tenfold. This is the way your mind interacts with life, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

There are teachers and self-empowerment coaches who speak of this power of intention, which brings about the manifestation of your desired results. Intention brings discipline and focus to the mind. The power of intent raises the vibration of your thoughts so that divine influences can assist you with your goal. The burden is still on you, but you may get some help from the other side if your desires are ethical—such as service or help for others—and not for selfish desires. Most people do not understand the connection, or bridge, that is built through thought to the world beyond our senses.

There are those in the heavenly realm who are happy to open doors for us. Our friends there take their role in our evolution very seriously. The relationship is reciprocal, as we all progress together as one. Try being open to this truth and see this for yourself what happens when you put your mind to something with intention. Trust your feelings and have faith that you are well supported by a higher power.

Here is a four-step process for the power of intention:

1. Know your purpose—what you want to accomplish.

2. You must remove all doubt—really believe it.

3. Expect the desired results—ahead of time.

4. Don’t get in your own way—go with the current and flow of life.

Anything you do with your imagination is a form of creative expression. Even problem solving offers the opportunity for creativity. Using intention with a deliberate focus of your mind on what you desire to accomplish is one of the secrets to success in life. The forces on the other side of the veil do not waste energy—they operate with discipline. The more certain you are about what you desire, the easier it is for spirit beings to assist you.

The ideas you generate through your mind rise up from your subconscious or soul to your conscious self. Some scientists believe that we all connect from our everyday conscious self to a subconscious or soul deep within us. Our subconscious is then connected to an all-encompassing Universal Mind in which all are linked.

Think of it this way: When you are on your computer using files, this is similar to your everyday conscious self. When you need to search for files and stored information, you search within your hard drive, which is similar to your subconscious self. Eventually you may need to look further, so you move from your computer’s hard drive outward to the Internet, where you are infinitely connected with everyone and everything. This is an analogy as to how the Universal Mind functions.

Right now, our mind has this power to access information and problem-solve through meditation. When we can step aside and surrender our conscious thoughts, we may enter a deeper, quieter state to receive inspiration. In this deeper state, our conscious mind quiets and our subconscious mind draws near. It is in this state that we may give ourselves the power of suggestion or listen quietly for an answer to a question or problem.

When we are in deep meditation or asleep, we are in a state of being able to connect with our subconscious and/or the Universal Mind. It is here that a great wealth of creativity awaits you. Setting the intention for problem solving and imagination, which is the language Spirit uses to inspire us, before going to bed makes a huge difference. Your mind is capable of many things, so it helps to establish a direction before retiring. Practice using the power of intention combined with disciplined focus and patience, and you will surely see results over time.

The words and information contained in the book, Harnessing Heaven, are more than conscious, random thoughts. Some of this material is and was already in my conscious and subconscious minds; there were experiences that needed telling. However, there was also information downloaded to me during the night from the Universal Mind, while in the dream state. Each morning upon awakening, my mind was full of information that I felt urgently needed to be written down.

Many artists in film and music will say that when awaking from sleep, there are new thoughts and ideas on what they need for creating. When your conscious, waking mind moves aside during sleep, a well of vast information is readily accessible. Some of this will be remembered in the morning and some will not; instead, it may trickle into your everyday self over time.

What is important is that we use our freedom for creative expression for helping one another—not just for competition that enables us to get ahead. Whatever we become in this life is meaningless unless it is done for the benefit of others. We grow spiritually as we serve for the greater good.

We all have the ability to access divine ideas, information, and creative expression. All you need to do is set the intention. Connecting to the Universal Mind is embracing who you already are; you do it during sleep all the time.


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