The Power of Knowing What You Want

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Generally, we have an idea about what we want. Financial security, travel, having a nice car, looking great, spending more time with friends and family and having a beautiful home are common but non-specific goals. Although I don’t believe you need these things in order to attain happiness, I do think that having these goals can bring comfort to life. The question remains, how can you ever achieve these goals if they are so broad? If we don’t know what kind of car we want how can we expect to buy it? If you have been wanting something for a long time and haven’t achieved it yet, maybe you didn’t really know exactly what you wanted in the first place. For example, maybe the reason you haven’t found a job yet is because you don’t know what kind of job you want. Thus, figuring how to achieve your goals is important.

Here are some ways to manifest what you want.

1. Research

You have to know exactly what you want. Even if you’re not in the market, spend some time looking at cars, homes and even vacation packages. You will start to notice that car, type of house or destination around your daily life. Years ago, my mom made the conscious decision to manifest a trip to Paris. She started seeing French things all around her daily life, such as French restaurants she had never noticed before and French decorations in stores . She even took a picture with a suitcases that had the Eiffel Tour printed on it. A few weeks later, after we forgot about the entire idea, I was booking her a flight to visit family in Germany when I found a deal where she could explore Paris and Germany for the same price as one flight! Don’t just wish for a vacation, but be specific.

2. Position yourself

If you really want to have a luxury car, go to a car show. If you want the comfort of financial security, find ways to achieve comfort in your current financial situation. If you want to go on exotic vacations then go on some local getaways first. If you want to be in a relationship surround yourself in the love of your friends and family first, and distance yourself from toxic people. Live the most fulfilling life you can to attract more happiness and success.

3. Visualize

Visualize yourself attaining your goal. How will it make you feel and what will do you? Close your eyes and picture yourself in the situation you want to be in. Even writing a journal in the future tense can help you create specific goals and it will help you transport yourself into the life you want to live.

4. Believe it

Believing in yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. Ambiguity of the future is inevitable, but it is important to have the trust that you will succeed and attain your goals. Believe that you will have a nice home and financial security, and don’t let doubt enter your mind. Believing that you will loose weight at the gym and this can help you stay motivated.

5. Plan of action and let it go

Create a plan of action if you can think of a way to achieve you goal. If you know you want to go to a specific college, study hard. Don’t necessarily think about the college every time you study, as this is too stressful, but study to assure yourself that you are doing everything you can to help yourself. Doubt about attaining a goal can lead to anxiety. Let go of your goals after you have followed the steps above. Don’t stop believing it will happen, but do overly attach yourself to the goal. Stop worrying when you can’t do anything in the moment to achieve your goal, wait and give yourself time for what you want to manifest into your life.

Believe in yourself and know that you are in control of your future.

Best of luck!

Pari Majd