The Power Of Letting Go From 'The Pocket Hercules'

Love and Let Go is a choice. It enables us to choose -- to claim the best of who we are, rather than settling for the ordinary.
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Recently a gentleman passed away at the age of 103 that most people have never heard of but how made a great impact in his own unique way.

His name was Monohar Aich. Mr. Aich, lived in Great Britain, and won the title of Mr. Universe in 1952. He stood 4'11" and, in his native India, they called him "The Pocket Hercules."

An 83-year-old athlete who trained under him at his gym and represented India in three international body building competitions said he was quite a taskmaster: "If you skipped any workout, you'd get a good kick..." Nobody who worked with him ever forgets his coaching: 'The work was a single-minded dedication and he always cautioned, 'not to worry about anything'."

Another individual who used to run his gym said: "He never allowed himself to worry about anything...He took everything as it was, as it came. That was the secret to his success, his happiness and, his long life."

In a conversation with reporters, Mr. Aich affirmed his dedication and his life purpose saying, "I never allow any sort of tension to grip me. I had to struggle to earn money since my young days, but whatever the situation, I remain happy."

Mr. Aich didn't simply practice his principles as a body builder, he lived them as a man. His refrain was 'as it is.' This summed up his philosophy of life.

"As it is" reminds me of an old gym friend I knew for many years. Frank was widowed. The last time I saw him he was 96 and shortly thereafter he moved away with his son and family. He began every day the same. He was at the gym when it opened, followed by Mass. Like Mr. Aich, he too had a very simple plan for his life--it was 'one day at a time.'

Listening to their wisdom got me thinking about the wisdom I too have lived by. In my Deeper Listening I recall the second of seven Vocal Awareness Rituals which is to "Love and Let Go." It actually took me many years to fully understand what that meant.

The principle came to me near the beginning of my Work over 50 years ago and, as I hadn't yet truly experienced life, I only understood it spiritually, intellectually. Now, in these later years, I have come to truly understand what "Love and Let Go" means--which is to love one's Self without judgment, to love others with respect, to let go of fear, anxiety, doubt, stress--anything that disrupts the integrity of who we are, our relationships, our mind/body relationship with Source.

Vocal Awareness teaches that The two greatest fears in life are fear of abandonment and ownership of our power. It can be scary to claim our highest Self and then live accordingly. The act of Loving and Letting Go enables us to take action--responsibility.

So I offer--the next time you sense doubt or fear, worry about what others might think, simply hear the thought, "Love and Let Go." You will immediately discover the body inhales, physical/emotional tension is released, your internal/external space is quieter. In this transformative moment, a discovery is made--an opportunity revealed.

You still the 'white noise' of your body's broadcast system and instantly feel confident in your own ability and in whatever decision you make. What is revealed is your being your Self, not merely your behavior.

Love and Let Go is a choice. It enables us to choose -- to claim the best of who we are, rather than settling for the ordinary.

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