The Power of Loving Understanding

Here are five things to know so you may come to that place of understanding that has you offering a warm embrace:
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To feed on love is to become one who is loved.
To feed on hate is to become one who is hated.
To give comfort is to become one who is comfortable.
To cause discomfort is to become one who is uncomfortable.

What we pay attention to pays attention to us.
What we stare at stares back.
And what we give our heart to gives fully to us.

Our hearts and minds are creative agencies for the immutable Law of Reciprocity. The law neither condemns nor favors as it decrees with flawless accuracy, "That which you give shall be reciprocated." No one, no nation is free of bondage from the law.

Now the stage is set.

When we stare at the sticks and stones of life, surely they come to break our bones. And every cell of flesh we heal, every broken bone we mend, every ounce of blood we give to help, attracts blessings back.

Yet, in this enlightened age of 2015, it is becoming common to muzzle life's blessings by tearing flesh and breaking bones, and spilling the blood of others. We're breeding a mood of hate, and it's gaining foothold in our collective consciousness. As that mood gains energy it thrusts outwardly, and the world gets steeped in misery.

Incredibly powerful energies are love and hate, and the world can only reflect back that which we most contemplate.

Protesting can be a great beginning to turning things around, but before protesting outwardly, we must first look within. Be wary of bitter anxiety, for surely it drives man to hateful activity even when meant for positivity. For it is an unavoidable fact that every motion in the world is first an emotion in the mind.

The next time you're wondering what to do with your desire to improve the human condition, first look at your desire with wonder. Is your desire yearning to be helpful or is it yearning to be hurtful toward those who you feel are harmful? You bring circumstances to pass more by your attitude than by your action.

Our outer world is inevitably a consequence of the psychological inner world in which we live. The likes of what we become will find us and keep house with us. The Law of Reciprocity makes that fact a physical reality.

When muddy streams muddy the rivers, eventually the sea is muddied. Muddied minds are becoming the norm for the consciousness of man. We are not strangers to the dark ages, and again we are straying from our chartered course of living lovingly and charitably.

Living with love and charity is an honor bestowed upon man by man.
Living without love and without charity is a dishonor put upon man by man.
If the choice is to be charitable, it is up to you and me to act with love in mind toward everyone we see in spite of the fact that they may disagree.

The day is fast approaching when feeding on healing or feeding on harming is going to have lasting consequences. No longer can we afford to point fingers and cast blame for worldly conditions. Those conditions are accurate reflections of the impurities we hold collectively in our hearts.

It's not yet too late to cleanse the impurities of the heart so that the salt of tears sting less and the contagion of smiles become typical. All things are possible with loving understanding. A tear, when understood, becomes a giggle. And a giggle, when understood, becomes a warm embrace.

Here are five things to know so you may come to that place of understanding that has you offering a warm embrace:

  1. Malicious aggression is an expression of heartache, not hate-ache.
  2. When the heart stops aching, the hate stops baking and aggressive acts are no longer facts.
  3. Be willing to ask anything and everything in order to understand those who exhibit angry aggression.
  4. When asked in the spirit of loving understanding, even the most trivial questions become dynamic movements toward harmonious living.
  5. When understanding grows, the world glows and we become more skilled in embracing one another - no matter what the race, political affiliation, skin color or creed may be.

What inquiry might you mutter that may thaw the heart of another?
What question might you ask that could help further the task of seeing humanity living in harmony?

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