The Power of Positive Energy

The Power of Positive Energy
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I am a very strong believer in the power of positive energy. I have seen -- both in my personal and professional life -- that your mind is the most powerful part of your being. You can WILL yourself to achieve great success; overcome illness; and enjoy a long, healthful, productive life; and sadly, the converse is also true. Personally, I have overcome great adversity by staying grounded and trying to find the positive aspect in every situation. I have a steadfast belief in life's greater purpose. Whether illness, loss of loved ones or business setbacks, I have never lost my core belief that I can overcome any adversity by using "healing power" that I (and all of us are) was blessed with.

When something bad happens you have three choices: You can either let it define you, destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you. This philosophy on life really resonates with me as I have dealt with many setbacks -- personal and professional and my resolve has made me stronger, wiser and more resilient. I have seen friends, loved ones and clients face life-altering moments and how they have dealt with these situations have helped define who they are. As this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I'd share an inspiring real life story with you regarding a friend of mine. My friend -- let's call her Sue -- was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Having lost her mother to breast cancer and herself knowing that she had the gene for breast cancer, she researched and weighed her options. She was scared, but stayed focused, met with specialists, and decided to have a radical mastectomy. To prepare herself mentally, physically and spiritually, she asked if I would put her on an intensive training and nutrition regimen, which I of course agreed to do! Now, six months post-surgery, she is cancer-free and mentally, physically and spiritually stronger. I realize that Sue's situation is unique to her, but I share it with you to illustrate the importance of positive energy and thought. Rather than react and "crumble," she harnessed her inner strength and resolve, overcame her fears and conquered cancer!

It's no surprise that health problems rank within the top 10 reasons people fall off their fitness/wellness routines. Whether you have back pain or have been diagnosed with a chronic disease, you'll need to plan carefully to ensure a sound, healthy future. To overcome physical setbacks, your mind and body will have to work in concert. Your mind is incredibly powerful and can see you through the gravest of situations. Physical exercise and proper nutrition have been shown to increase one's physical and mental awareness, improve overall health, lower blood cholesterol, strengthen weak and deteriorating hearts, and lower blood pressure. SOUND EATING, TRAINING, THINKING, AND LIVING make up the greatest holistic line of defense your body has.

I am a deeply spiritual person and believe that all of life's events are learning moments. When faced with a life-altering event, take time to reflect and never stop believing in the power of positive energy!

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