The Power of Positive

My wife asked me to be more positive.


“I’m corrigible and placcable,” I replied. “I will be more positive if it will make you more gruntled.”


“Gruntled?” she asked.


“It means mayed.”




“Yes. The opposite of dismayed. I’m trying to be positive”


“You are trying to be silly.”


“Not at all. In fact, I am very combobulated. I am speaking anely and sipidly. ”


“Are you drunk?”


“I am quite ebriated and very positive. I expected you to be gusted and have givings about this change.”


“You are demented.”


“Au contraire. I am highly mented. I am also shevelled, kempt and choate. I am simply trying to parage you by being positive. My behavior is conscionable, scrutable and ept. Your should be concerted. “


“Why did I marry a man so peccable, maculate, flappable and souciant.?” my wife asked.


“You have spoken the effable,” I answered.


“Yes. A genuine nomer,” she replied.

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