The Power of Self-Awareness

During these last years, women have been able to use many tools to become more aware and knowledgeable about the possibilities for their lives. Some through extraordinary books by many of the women we either respect, apply their experiences for our own or try to emulate their often told journeys. Many of these stories are inspiring. However it is said how these women reached their goals, by learning and listening, at seminars and experiences or by sharing in a one-on-one exchange, they have given us inspiration and courage. These women have accomplished much and of course found their way through education. These women are inspiring by sharing their journeys and we are standing on their shoulders.

Women of this caliber have made a social impact on our world and we are fortunate to have these role models for our encouragement. They have made a difference, affect our decisions and give us the chance to solve problems. We are not only talking about the feminists of yesteryears, but about the vision these various women gave us as a gift to further our own growth, in many ways they are still our role-models.

Whether we like it or not, we cannot extricate ourselves of the many and constant changes and ignore the complexities in our world. Much of this we cannot change nor have any control over, we can only control our own thinking and actions. Maybe sometimes we are in a hurry to make quick adjustments, only to realize we have taken the wrong turn. Admit to it... it is easier in the long run. Maybe sometimes we are myopic and narrow in our own vision. Break that narrow have the power to do so. Courage that is what is demanded! The difference in this way of thinking is the awareness of who we are or can be. It is an inner growth...a sense of maturity. No, we are not talking about maturity meaning old and old-thinking but about a dependable friend...who is yourself! For if you don't believe in your abilities, then how can you expect others to believe in you. We have observed events in these last months, which make us even more aware of how lucky we are to live in a free world. We are able to choose our path of life, not forced or allowed by others to change our journey... but hold on to the believe in ourselves and in decisions, which are made by us.

Self-awareness has also the power to keep people from hurting you or "pushing your buttons" in a negative way. In my many years of working in a creative environment, here and abroad, I have always found that people of intelligence are generous and helpful to share experiences and knowledge with others. It did not matter what nationality or culture they were. It is said women don't help other women. When this is the case it is usually built on fear... fear of competition, fear of inadequacy, and sometimes fear of intolerance. None of these are helpful!

Women are not anti-men for we need both genders to balance our world in a more productive and responsible way .We are also not the weaker sex... or let's say gender... we just have a more balanced way of thought. That is the gift we were born with and should use it in a most positive and clear way. Yet, leaders are nor born to the privileged only...they are guided by a belief in themselves. To be a leader, woman or man, they must believe in their own ability to reach this potential and that is to believe in themselves ... this is the power of self-awareness.