The Power of Synchronicity

As we go about our lives, we do the same things over and pver. We go to the same markets, the same gyms, we run errands, and we go to the office building, and we do our thing.

That's what we do. As people we do our thing.

Ninety-percent of what you do today, you are going to do tomorrow.

We drive around, and we go to the same places day in and day out. It's our daily routine. We all have a routine.

But during that routine there's a synchronicity you need to start paying attention to.

Synchronicity, is when you run into the same people over and over again.

But most of us never talk to those people. We don't engage.

The truth is, the universe is putting the two of you in the same place at the same time on multiple occasions, because you're supposed to communicate with each other.

You have a message for each other.

Whenever I'm at Mercer Street Hotel, I run into Russell Simmons. It's his hangout place.

It seems like no matter what time I go, there he is. So of course I started talking to him. Why? Because the universe put us in the same place multiple times, so obviously I'm meant to talk to him. I'm meant to learn something from him, exchange information.

There are other people besides Russell Simmons who I run into on a daily basis, who are not famous.

I talk to those people as well.

When you keep running into the same people over and over again, there's a reason for it. You're supposed to learn something from them. You're supposed to connect with them.

You run into the same people over and over again, but most of the time you don't say anything. Most of the time you're thinking to yourself, "what should you say to them," instead of just saying the obvious.

What's the obvious? The obvious is, "I run into you over and over again. We must be on the same schedule."

Synchronicity is something I believe in.

I truly believe that when we run into the same people over and over again, there's a reason. A message. Something we need to learn r to know.

They could be somebody you are meant to talk to, somebody you become friends with, somebody you connect with on a deeper level, somebody who has a message for you.

There is a lot of power in synchronicity.

But you have to pay attention and you have to act on it. You have to start recognizing these people who are around you. Which means when you're out and about, you have to stop burying yourself in your phone.

If you've been reading this blog, you know how I feel about smart phones. They actually make us stupid. So we miss out on opportunities of synchronicity every day.

Open your eyes. Look around, and start taking an inventory of all the people you see on a regular basis. Start connecting with these people.

Your social network is going to grow. Your business network is going to grow, and your love life is going to grow exponentially.

It's the power of synchronicity.