The Power of Twitter

How many hours per day do you spend on Twitter? Lots? I'm the same way.

According to the Twitter Help Center, "Twitter has become a valuable tool for people to exchange timely bits of information, whether it be a momentous news event, a personal story or a random thought." I could not agree more. Twitter has become such a large part of our society with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian using it as well as everyday people like you and me.

With its hashtags (#) and at signs (@), Twitter has become a tool not only where you can share thoughts and interact with your friends but where you can also find a job, get help, make money and become a pop culture sensation. Let's get started!

Want to get a job? Look to Twitter. Twitter is a platform where you can find a real job or volunteer opportunity. And I'm not talking about those spammers that claim you can make $5,000 a week. I'm talking about finding a real job. Here's how: follow employers! For example, say I want to work for NBC Universal, I can follow their recruiting team, @NBCUniCareers, so when they tweet job openings I can be instantly alerted. But Twitter can also be used to find a volunteer opportunity. Take me for example! How am I blogging for HuffPost Teen? I tweeted them! HuffPost Teen then tweeted me the address I should email, and as they say, "the rest is history."

Want help? Look to Twitter. And by help, I mean customer service. Now, let me give you an example that showcases my Canadian roots. Rogers, a telecommunications provider in Canada, has a Twitter account dedicated solely to customer service, @RogersHelps. So say I had a problem with my cell phone, I could tweet @RogersHelps and they will assign a customer service representative to assist me via Twitter. Twitter is a great tool for consumers, and also for companies to reach out to existing and potential customers.

Want to make money? Look to Twitter. You know Khloé Kardashian, right? What would you say if I told you she allegedly makes $8,000 for typing less than 140 characters? Well, she does (according to an unconfirmed source)... And how can you spot those tweets? Each tweet that Khloé was compensated for will always have a disclaimer, such as "Sponsored" or "AD." Now, you may be thinking, "I don't have 7 million dollars, so this doesn't apply to me." Oh no, it does! You can be paid for tweeting advertisements even if you have a few thousand followers. However, you would probably make around $10 to $100, not $8,000 like the Kardashians.

So you want to become a pop culture sensation? Well that is no easy task, but Twitter can help. Twitter is all about "getting you out there," and it allows you to interact with people you may not regularly interact with. Ever heard of Milk (@Miilkkk)? Milk is just an average guy who started tweeting subjectively hilarious tweets. Approximately 600,000 followers later he's what they call, 'Twitter famous.' Try to use Twitter for the same purpose!

So next time someone says "Stop wasting your time on Twitter..." read them this post! #SoundGood? And don't forget to tweet me what you think, @PatrickMott!