The President for Entrepreneurs? It's Hillary Clinton

I have spent more than twenty years as an entrepreneur, and four years as Chief Innovation Officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development. I believe that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to represent our interests as President of the United States.
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Entrepreneurs for Hillary

Each year, four hundred thousand people in the U.S. have a dream -- the same dream that was sparked in Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton's father after he returned from defending our country in WWII. These courageous founders take the leap of faith to open a business. Capitalizing on new ideas and spotting new trends these entrepreneurs are the innovation engines that keep the tens of millions of people in the U.S. employed. Some remain small, but are no less critical to our economy. Others aspire to build global companies. Entrepreneurship has been the backbone of America since our country was founded. It is the foundation of our global economic strength.

Entrepreneurs come in all stripes: democrats, republicans and independents. We live all over the country: Yes, in Silicon Valley but also in Columbus, Ohio and Spartanburg, South Carolina. We know what it is to work hard, struggling to find the capital we need to fuel our businesses and attract the best people with the right skills to deliver exceptional results.

We appreciate the regulatory support that keeps our businesses and products safe and the transportation infrastructure we need from government. But we also want government to let us innovate with little interference, streamlined processes and only moderate taxes.

Success or failure? We know it falls largely on our shoulders, as it should.

I have spent more than twenty years as an entrepreneur, and four years as Chief Innovation Officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development. I believe that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to represent our interests as President of the United States. That is why I, along with four others founded Entrepreneurs for Hillary, an independent group of volunteers committed to mobilizing entrepreneurs and their networks. Here is what we know she will deliver:

1.Better access to capital.
Whether it is start-up capital, SBIR grants, venture capital or supply chain vendor credit Hillary knows the essential role financial capital provides for founders. She will forge partnerships with the private sector to get entrepreneurs the money they need.
2.Better access to skilled employees.
Entrepreneurs need the most talented and skilled brainpower. Whether it is her smart approach to immigration reform or her commitment to community, higher and vocational education, Hillary will work with entrepreneurial leaders to create the most skilled work force in the world.
3.Make government bureaucracy and regulation easier at all levels.
Hillary already announced that one of the first things she will do is launch a nationwide effort to cut red tape from Florida to California and from New Hampshire to D.C.
4.Support for basic research and development that spurs the discoveries that entrepreneurs can commercialize.
With all the talk about shutting down the government, we know one thing for sure. No one start-up or large or small company can afford the risk of early stage R&D. Hillary Clinton knows government and private sector investment in discovery science has been and is critical to new venture creation. The Internet started as a U.S. military R&D support project and formed the backbone for 100s of new entrepreneurial companies, leading to U.S. technology dominance. The sequencing of the human genome was a "big science project" undertaken by the U.S. government and now is leading to hundreds of new companies to improve our health and save our lives.

Track record.
Before she ran for public office Hillary guided high growth entrepreneurial companies serving on their Board and providing legal advice. As the Senator from New York we saw the quiet and persistent listening and assistance Hillary Clinton provided to entrepreneurs from Upstate to Queens. In just one example, she partnered with businesses to form two trading cooperatives in upstate New York to expand their sales. Later the World Chamber of Commerce recognized this project as one of "the most innovative in the world."

As Secretary of State she was relentless in championing entrepreneurs' interest around the world. She launched some of the first set of initiatives of a U.S. foreign policy leader to put the muscle of our diplomatic efforts behind American entrepreneurs. Partnering with people across the political spectrum she instructed U.S. embassies across the world to fight unfair business and foreign government practices and tackle investment barriers to secure our global leadership in products and services. It is a tricky undertaking. It is a delicate balance between prying open markets and having them slam shut.

Entrepreneurship is a humbling and exhilarating experience everyday. Ask any founder you know. We need a president who both understands our needs and has the sophisticated experience needed to enable any American with a great idea and the drive to build a high growth company. Hillary Clinton is the entrepreneurs' President. Please join us and follow us.

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