The President is a Perfectly Healthy, White Supremacist

The President is a Perfectly Healthy, White Supremacist
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Let’s be real. This whole ‘dementia’ thing is a load of crap, designed by the media, on both sides, to try and make excuses for the fact we have a racist in the White House. It’s easier if you say it out loud. “We-have-a-white-supremacist-in-the-White-House.” It’s that simple, folks. Occam’s Razor. No slight of hand or misdirection, here. What you see is what you get. And what we’ve got is a volcanic disaster of a human being with his finger on the button.

Of course he’s mentally unstable. Anyone who lies more in a given day than he blinks, is. It comes with the territory. So, for God’s sake, can we please stop with the unnecessary dog and pony show of doctors parading in and out of the White House in full dress, stethoscope in hand, as if out of a scene from a Mel Brooks movie? What’s next? Gene Wilder examining his brain in a jar and realizing he used the wrong one?

Trump is not Chauncey Gardener. He knows exactly what he’s doing - that’s to say, he’s absolutely crazy, but is unquestionably able to tell right from wrong - so for the media, or anyone, to think otherwise is simply a cowardly attempt at explaining away the fact there’s a fascist, racist, unhinged, lying, misogynistic bigot currently occupying the highest office in the land.

Trump’s easily recognizable tactics, happily pushed forth with the help of his administration and numerous GOP lackeys, is eerily reminiscent of a certain “Man of the People” in 1930s Germany. These same tactics were tried by a young Hitler, back when the Nazi party was considered a fringe sect, to see how far they could go. How much would The People accept? How much would they agree with? Disagree with? Ignore? Challenge? Refute? Reason away? History’s given us the answer. If we follow in the same footsteps as the disbelieving members of German Parliament and simply assume, “He’s just talking. He would never do anything like that,” “He said shithole, but he didn’t mean shithole,” or, even better, “He never said shithole,” we only have ourselves to blame.

Each day that passes that sees our civil liberties slowly dismantled, federal courts being systematically stacked w/ judges whose views are in line with twelfth century Catholicism, health care and benefits for the middle class and the poor stripped away, is another mile farther from the image this country has always fought to project and protect.

Each day that passes that sees pundit after pundit, and news show after news show, attempting to rationalize or normalize, or even semi-normalize this horror of an administration - be it talking about DACA, the tax scam, health care, congressional budget talks, etc. etc., as if it’s business as usual on Capitol Hill - is an injustice to each and every one of us who plainly sees the forest for the trees.

This man needs to be removed from office yesterday, and the system needs a complete and total overhaul. Or, we are bound to repeat it. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

Each day that passes and doesn’t see every-single member of the media taking this administration to task - be it the WH press corp, who by now, should simply flat out refuse to show up, or the talking heads who should be doing nothing but calling for the Dotard’s removal, and nothing but, 24/7, is simply enabling the process to continue forward.

Make no mistake. It’s starting. Whether it’s Japanese internment camps in the forties, or the indiscriminate deportation of lifelong residents and border walls today, the signs are all around us. It’s our own fault if we choose to continue wearing these blind folds.

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