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The President's Secret IMs: Desperate Bush Seeks Advice from Bill

"hey dick whaddya say we bom iran?" 2 grunts = yes 1 grunt = no but evn he aint gruntin @ me no mor
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Chat with Ladeezman42
9:03 p.m.

Party_gurl: yo bill

Ladeezman42: hey jenna
Ladeezman42: how u DOIN gf?
Ladeezman42: kinda busy rite now kiddo
Ladeezman42: * interviewin* interns 4 my foundashun
Ladeezman42: (btw thanx 4 ur advise bout how 2 sneak out on th rents
Ladeezman42: read: hill & chelsea
Ladeezman42: the bunjy cord from th window wrks real well
Ladeezman42: xept if its a hi window
Ladeezman42: u bounce rite bak up)
Ladeezman42: wassup?

Party_gurl: its not jenna!!!!

Ladeezman42: ?
Ladeezman42: who IS this?!

Party_gurl: her PA!

Ladeezman42: man this is so messd up
Ladeezman42: how can this b jennas *pa? *
Ladeezman42: im lookin @ jennas sn & buddy pic
Ladeezman42: is this sum joke?
Ladeezman42: cuz i dont have time 4 stupid games w jennas buds k?
Ladeezman42: go tie firecrakers 2 sum knockd up hounds tail
Ladeezman42: like we used 2 do
Ladeezman42: gd CLEAN fun
Ladeezman42: dont go hackin on ur buds im accounts
Ladeezman42: get outside 4 chrissake

Party_gurl: dude its ME
Party_gurl: (kickass43)
Party_gurl: shhh!!!!

Ladeezman42: srsly?
Ladeezman42: G2B2?!
Ladeezman42: i tho u wer offline!
Ladeezman42: like 4ever!!

Party_gurl: i am
Party_gurl: but im @th ranch
Party_gurl: & got this crazy idea 2 use jens laptop
Party_gurl: no 1 gna supena HER laptop
Party_gurl: 4 1 thing theyd nvr get thru th sephora & proactive spam
Party_gurl: (like how much of this crap do these grls need??
Party_gurl: ud think they were resurfacin th frikkin moon!)

Ladeezman42: yeh well U bttr think bout wat ur doin
Ladeezman42: * 4 once *
Ladeezman42: we shdnt b talkin
Ladeezman42: on ANY laptop!!

Party_gurl: pls bud
Party_gurl: NEED u
Party_gurl: got no 1 2 talk 2

Ladeezman42: i cant help that
Ladeezman42: no 1 wants 2 visit u @ that dam ranch
Ladeezman42: shda gotta place on the vineyard like norml bigshots
Ladeezman42: then folks mite wanna hang w u
Ladeezman42: thers WATR 4 starters
Ladeezman42: & like SHADE
Ladeezman42: & like ACTIVITIES
Ladeezman42: sides from cuttin brush in 100+ dgrees
Ladeezman42: * fun *

Party_gurl: dont mean here
Party_gurl: (tho ther aint any1 here neither
Party_gurl: less u count laura
Party_gurl: who sez shes "dun" w politx
Party_gurl: or my inlaws & th twinz
Party_gurl: frankly dude th brush is bttr compny)
Party_gurl: I mean I. GOT. NO. ONE. 2. TALK. 2.
Party_gurl: period
Party_gurl: * no tango amigos *

Ladeezman42: u mean no 1s speakin 2 U
Ladeezman42: as in: on the hole frikkin planet?!

Party_gurl: * el bingo *

Ladeezman42: u can cut w th spanish
Ladeezman42: cuz i aint 1 of ur amnesty buds
Ladeezman42: but it dont surprise me none
Ladeezman42: uve burnt evry1 u kno!
Ladeezman42: uve burnt entire nashuns!
Ladeezman42:uve burnt ur bfls!
Ladeezman42: heck im surprizd if barneys talkin 2 u!

Party_gurl: not tru!

Ladeezman42: TRU

Party_gurl: dogs CANT talk
Party_gurl: duh

Ladeezman42: watta bout th veep?
Ladeezman42: figrd he mite b th last prsn in th wrld 2 talk 2 u

Party_gurl: hes nvr *talkd *
Party_gurl: he jus grunts
Party_gurl: itsta hole languaj
Party_gurl: "hey dick whaddya say we bom iran?"
Party_gurl: 2 grunts = yes
Party_gurl: 1 grunt = no
Party_gurl: but evn he aint gruntin @ me no mor

Ladeezman42: ys he pissd w u?

Party_gurl: hard 2 tell w dick
Party_gurl: cuz mosta th time hes asleep
Party_gurl: then u cant kno if his ansr is a * grunt* or a *snore *
Party_gurl: (i shda menshund he sumtimes * snorts * 2)
Party_gurl: thats how we got in2 th miers mess
Party_gurl: I sed: hey dick y dont we appt ol harry 2 scotus?
Party_gurl: she deservs it!
Party_gurl: wrks hard!
Party_gurl: & like i get 2 grunts bak
Party_gurl: so i think gr8! hes on!
Party_gurl: xept thos wer snors not grunts
Party_gurl: he wakes up & hes like WTF?!
Party_gurl: whod we jus appoint?!!
Party_gurl: (in dick languaj: grunt grunt snort grunt! grunt!)
Party_gurl: but now i think hes pissd
Party_gurl: cuz i wdnt let him play "militry option" on my desktop
Party_gurl: wen he wuz prez for 2.5 hrs
Party_gurl: (u kno--wen i wuz in hospitl gettin my ass checkd out)

Ladeezman42: I'll giv u this dude:
Ladeezman42: u gotta unique talent 4 pissin ppl off
Ladeezman42: (& blve me I kno thatsa compliment comin from me)
Ladeezman42: ur th PRESIDENT of th US of A
Ladeezman42: hole wrld shd be lickin ur ass!!

Party_gurl: hey i still got ASSLICKRS
Party_gurl: jus no buds

Ladeezman42: name 1

Party_gurl: asslickrs?

Ladeezman42: yeh

Party_gurl: ...
Party_gurl: ...
Party_gurl: gonzales!

Ladeezman42: k
Ladeezman42: will giv u him
Ladeezman42: but thats only cuz his tongs stuck on ur ass
Ladeezman42: like its sum frozen pole
Ladeezman42: moment u cut him loose hes a ded man
Ladeezman42: name anudder

Party_gurl: ther r lots
Party_gurl: i.e. mexicn gardenrs LUV me
Party_gurl: theyr like "wher u want this brush stackd el presidente?"
Party_gurl: "may I polish ur saw el presidente?"
Party_gurl: "let me melt ur smore el presidente"
Party_gurl: effin gr8
Party_gurl: cuz like th secrt servis guys
Party_gurl: they dont do smores

Ladeezman42: yeh but 4 all that smore meltin...
Ladeezman42: uve got crickets chirpin on th rite
Ladeezman42: i had a ruff last yr in office 2
Ladeezman42: but i didnt ditch my friends
Ladeezman42: hek i evn pardond mark rich!
Ladeezman42: on my last day!!
Ladeezman42: pissd a hell of alotta ppl off
Ladeezman42: but u dont hear crickets chirpin round me
Ladeezman42: uh uh
Ladeezman42: evn hill now sez ther aint no party w/out me
Ladeezman42: shes bin sujestin--
Ladeezman42: *communicatin *
Ladeezman42: (thru chelsea cuz she still dont like 2 talk 2 me directly
Ladeezman42: less its a campaign commershul)
Ladeezman42: mayb she shd put me on th tickt

Party_gurl: U??
Party_gurl: u cant run agen!
Party_gurl: its illgl

Ladeezman42: not 4 president goof off
Ladeezman42: 4 vp
Ladeezman42: constitushun aint clear bout that
Ladeezman42: ck it out
Ladeezman42: we cd b in for anudder clinton 2-4-1 deal
Ladeezman42: xept w me its like gettin a real big prize--
Ladeezman42: like a flatscreen tv
Ladeezman42: or an iphone
Ladeezman42: not sum crackerjak ring or coupon 4 sumthin u dont want
Ladeezman42: * trial size fresh scent sanipads *
Ladeezman42: like it wuz w her

Party_gurl: no way!
Party_gurl: u wdnt wanna b veep
Party_gurl: wd u???

Ladeezman42: im thinkin bout it
Ladeezman42: get my own manshun
Ladeezman42: solvs the hole "east wing" problm
Ladeezman42: she sez shell thro in alotta trips abroad
Ladeezman42: cd b gd
Ladeezman42: but ive got 2 weigh it agenst bloomberg

Party_gurl: ?

Ladeezman42: yeh
Ladeezman42: his peeps hav bin feelin me up
Ladeezman42: * out*
Ladeezman42: pssbl joint tickt

Party_gurl: ud run w bloomberg??

Ladeezman42: if the $ is rite
Ladeezman42: theyr current offers th veep posishun...
Ladeezman42: + 2% of th campaign budget...
Ladeezman42: + 20% of every dollar I raise
Ladeezman42: think i can hold out 4 mor
Ladeezman42: so long as hill stays strong in th polls

Party_gurl: cant buhleev ud sell out like that
Party_gurl: wait mayb i can

Ladeezman42: u hav 2 lern 2 spin this x-prez biz
Ladeezman42: ull c
Ladeezman42: mak ur last yr in office rlly count
Ladeezman42: stand by ur friends
Ladeezman42: dont say "wat " say "pardon"
Ladeezman42: if u kno wat i mean
Ladeezman42: theyll thank u 4 it
Ladeezman42: *l8r *
Ladeezman42: omg!

Party_gurl: wat?
Party_gurl: *pardon *?

Ladeezman42: ive kept an intern waitin outside my door!
Ladeezman42: a hot 1!

Party_gurl: how can u tell?

Ladeezman42: got her up on my "billycam"
Ladeezman42: ...
Ladeezman42: ...

Party_gurl: uh bill?
Party_gurl: u still ther??

Ladeezman42: Auto-reply: The Clinton Global Initiative is designed to inspire action. Find out how you can contribute by going to

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