The Prince and the Wise Man

That President Obama always seems surprised the right wing will do anything to destroy him reminds me of an old story.

A Prince, in torn and tattered clothes, falls at the feet of an old, wise man.

"Wise Man," he says, "my enemies have destroyed me! And yet I did everything I could to appease them! I never retaliated after their attacks. I dismissed counselors that offended them, and ended programs they disapproved of. I consulted them on every decision, and adopted plans I knew were unworkable just to please them. I disavowed my closest friends. I took on the dress, speech, and manner of my enemies. I did everything I could, yet still they have ruined me!" The Prince collapsed in tears.

"You did forget one thing," the wise man said.

"What?" The Prince asked.

"That they were your Enemies."