The Pro-Life Party Is Out To Kill

The latest budget proposal from “President” Trump was released earlier this week, and if one thing wasn’t already clear, it sure is now — Republicans do not care about the sanctity of life.

Trump’s list of things he wants to cut is longer than Charles Manson’s. From Planned Parenthood to Medicaid, from heating subsidies for the poor and elderly to Social Security for the disabled — no one is safe from the president’s chopping block.

Well, except Wall Street.

Increased tax cuts for the rich and the even richer are present in the budget proposal, and so is increased funding for defense. Sure, we already outspend every other nation in that arena. But what’s a few more $52 million?

And where is that $52 million coming from?

First, Trump has taken a page out of the ole GOP handbook and proposes buying more vroom-vroom jets and tanks by slashing funding to SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) by $191 billion over the next ten years. Because impoverished children should be able to feed themselves, right?

It doesn’t matter if their parents only make $7.25 an hour. Poverty is a state of mind anyway, according to world-renowned “brain surgeon” and corn pyramid historian Ben Carson. Get out there and positive think yourselves to nourishment, kids!

The Orb-Groper-in-Chief is also proposing to cut people off from necessary health services by completely defunding Planned Parenthood and other organizations that just so happen to also provide abortion services sometimes. Who cares if these health facilities also provide free contraception, cancer screenings, and STD prevention? Folks can just treat syphilis the old fashion way with arsenic. Napoleon did it and he turned out just fine! Wait…

Old people are cranky and they make you repeat things because they have hair in their ears. So I guess we don’t really need them around. Good thing Trump intends to get rid of a slew of them by giving them pneumonia. The latest budget proposal calls to end the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which subsidizes the utility bills of “tens of millions of Americans through hoary northern winters and blistering southern summers.” Trump also refers this life-saving initiative as “a lower-impact program…unable to demonstrate strong performance outcomes.”

Sure, before LIHEAP (enacted during the Reagan administration, mind you) poor and elderly people had to use kerosene heaters and keep their ovens on to stay warm and they died from either hypothermia or carbon monoxide poisoning…but it happened mostly in places like Maine and Minnesota. Those aren’t even real states.

From the looks of this budget, the only things worth keeping alive are Wall Street bank accounts and fetuses. And when those fetuses become human and enter into this cold, alternative facts world, they’ll have to find a way to survive on their own.

But let’s hope for their sake that the Senate body slams this proposal out of existence like a Montana politician.