The Problem Guest And The Prepared Bride - Guest Management 101

There are always those people that you HAVE to invite. You know, the ones you'd prefer to leave off the list, but unfortunately, they are family, etc., and so sadly it's not an option.
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There are always those people that you HAVE to invite. You know, the ones you'd prefer to leave off the list, but unfortunately, they are family, etc. and so sadly it's not an option. And oftentimes it's those same people who are the drunken jerks, total ragers and fight starters. But sometimes the one at fault is YOU, the bride. So be the solution, and be prepared, brideys!

1. If you are put in the unfortunate position of having to invite a few "undesirables," then be proactive. Hire security. Procure them before the wedding for short money, and huge piece of mind. Give the security team pictures and/or descriptions, and let them know that if there is even an inkling of an issue, to stop it before it starts. Kick them out! And make sure they know that they have the authority to do so without your approval. Trust me, it's best not to know and to be left out of the loop during the drama.

2. Provide relief. Provide water bottles and fans. Seriously, there's been a lot of talk about outdoor weddings on an extremely hot day, and it's up to YOU, the bride (and groom) to provide the appropriate supplies to your guests. Particularly water, some lovely fans or even parasols (and small damp scented towels are a lovely thought too). Although, HYDRATION should be at the top of this list. Not only is important for you, bridey (and the groom), but for your guests too! So give them what they need or pay the sweaty, sticky price.

3. There are always some losers who try to steal bottles of booze from the bar. Again, be proactive. If you know that this is a possibility, then make the staff at the venue aware (and security if you have decided to procure a team). That way, the venue won't showcase the bottles on the bar, but behind it. That will minimize the temptation, and not for nothing ... it'll minimize YOUR bar bill.

4. "Who IS that chick and why is she dancing like that at my wedding? Really?" I know!! Put your maid of honor on it (unless she's the offender!). Tell her to be casual, but have her "cut in" and gracefully move the party off the floor.

5. Tell yourself that if you are going to provide a basket for the restroom, that you don't care what happens to it. Personally, I hate them and think that your guests should be responsible for bringing their own tampons and mouthwash, but if you are leaning toward providing one, then just know that you won't see it again. Ever. Not the contents nor the actual basket. People attack them like your grandma stealing bread and Equal packets at Applebee's. Okay? It's gonna happen, so either don't provide one or provide one and tell yourself that what happens to it doesn't matter.

Well, that's it for now. Write it down, brideys, and thank me later.

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