Nobody 'Likes' Your Status Updates Any More? Blame Facebook

Facebook's Big 'Like' Problem

Do your Facebook friends seem inactive? Notification numbers shrinking by the day?

It's not necessarily that your friends are bored by the itemized details of your life (but aggressive food Instagrammers shouldn't rule that out). It's possible your friends never had the opportunity to see your status updates in the first place, explains Derek Muller of Veritasium, an educational science channel on YouTube.

In the above video Muller explains that recent iterations of Facebook's News Feed algorithm are making it harder and harder for your posts to get viewed. Muller suspects that the pared down News Feeds are part of Facebook's larger monetization strategy. If you have content that you'd like to share and Facebook won't share it for free anymore, perhaps you'll be willing to pay to promote your status. Watch Muller's video for details.

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