The Problem with Lieberman Isn't the Past, It's the Future

On Friday night we had a debate about Joe Lieberman on The Young Turks. Dan Gerstein, a senior advisor to Joe Lieberman for the last ten years, represented the Senator's position and Ari Melber of The Nation and The American Prospect (and Huffington Post) represented the anti-Lieberman position.

I thought Dan did a great job in representing Lieberman, especially in a hostile environment. But what came across to me was that Joe Lieberman is not only unrepentant but will make the same mistakes again. He still believes in the Iraq War. There was a lot of talk about "a just cause." That is unconscionable. And when asked if he'd do it again, there is no clear answer.

What's even scarier is that there is no indication that Joe Lieberman has renounced the neo-con idea of attacking Syria and Iran. If we put him back in the Senate, he is going to make the same mistake, but on a much larger scale. I think it's nuts for any Democrat to consider voting for a guy who still believes in the neoconservative fantasy of turning the Middle East into a democracy at the barrel of a gun.

I don't want you to prejudge too much. Watch the debate for yourself. Again, I think Dan did an excellent job of representing the Lieberman camp. If you still believe it's right to vote for Joe, God bless, go forward:

Now, on a funny note, an angry Connecticut resident called in afterward. He summarized the anger a lot of voters have towards Joe. What's great about callers is that they don't care about being politically correct, they just let it rip. Watch this clip, I promise you won't be disappointed:

Then, Ben and I took on the two biggest fallacies about Joe Lieberman opponents. We are not "purging" anyone and we are not just a fringe wing of the Democratic Party:

Finally, even at this late point as his career hangs in the balance, Joe Lieberman still has not made it clear if he will vote against John Bolton as United States Ambassador the UN. That's crazy. Bolton says he wants to take out ten floors of the United Nations building, our allies say he has bungled our relationships and diplomatic efforts at every turn and he is openly hostile to diplomacy.

For a Democrat to consider being the decisive vote that puts that man back in office is unthinkable. Yet, that's precisely what Lieberman is thinking of doing. Then it should be unthinkable for us to put Senator Lieberman back into his office.