The Projector That Will Redefine Classrooms

“My class does not have a plug point.” Joanna Sundharam describes the typical dilemma of a teacher in the Internet Age stuck in a disconnected classroom. In these classrooms, there aren’t even outlets to power any technology. Entire communities in such areas are thus deprived of the opportunity for their children to see, experience, and move into the larger global community.

Thus, the Bright Orange Box (BoB): a battery-powered smart projector, combining new projector and mobile technology.  BoB runs for up to three hours on the integrated battery, outputs 500 lumens, can record HD video and has 8W stereo speakers. Running Android 4.2 with a 7” touchscreen on top, the device offers a simple app interface that plays content from an external USB drive. What that means is one bright, loud, self-sufficient device to connect an entire classroom to a plethora of digital learning content.

“The Bright Orange Box was designed from the ground-up for the teacher and is able to bring this global dialogue to any school, even if they don’t have internet or electricity. Students love having it around, and everybody wants one!”.

 — Thomas Kreek, Chief Developer

LumenEd, a social venture creating global dialogues between classrooms, has turned to the Kickstarter community to fund the Bright Orange Box (BoB). The goal of BoB is to connect classrooms across the world through a weekly Video Pen Pal Program that allows them to easily send videos to each other. While teachers in India can use the Box itself, teachers in the US can use the Android or iPhone app on their smartphones.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, global perspectives are becoming sorely missing from American classrooms. Far too few American students are having the deep cross-cultural experiences necessary to become compassionate, globally competent citizens.”

 — Prakash Paudel, CEO

LumenEd is raising $40,000 over a month-long Kickstarter campaign. The funds will go towards developing an Android platform of the Bright Orange Box and building the mobile apps. The Video Pen Pal Program will partner 100 classrooms in the US and India from July 2015-March 2016, and will expand to 250 classrooms next year. To learn more, readers can visit the project’s Kickstarter page here: