The Protests Against Slavery in Libya Continue

The Protests Against Slavery in Libya Continue
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In response to the enslavement of African people in Libya, African Lives Matter held a march on December 9. There are more planned marches. On Monday, December 18, there will be a march at Parliament Square in London. There are also protests that are planned in the United States as well. Tomorrow there will be a march on the Libyan embassy in Washington D.C. and on December 17 there will be a march in Los Angeles, California.

The overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s government has caused much chaos and fighting in Libya. This has also included the enslavement of Africans who are attempting to make their way to Europe through Libya. Slavery in Libya has been an ongoing issue since 2011, but a recent video showing slave auctions in Libya has created international outrage over the situation in Libya.

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