The PSA Crew: Keeping the Streets Safe for Street Art

Meet The P.S.A. Crew. Eluding law enforcement and surviving in the Los Angeles Underground, this elite band of street artists engages in civic-minded service through subversive means. This A-Team of taggers has been seen all over town defacing corporate ads posing as street art, putting up progressive orgs stickers, and promoting a civil code of conduct among the street art community. Working in the public interest, the PSA Crew eschews the recognition most street artists crave.

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

The street artists seen in this action-packed action montage include Morley, LydiaEmily, Toolz, and Teacher, but by no means are they the only artists in league with PSA. You can see more of these artists at work in the new book Where Else But The Streets.


Fun Fact: Our zoom-in shot of the Los Angeles skyline in this video is nearly identical to the original A-Team opening, because we work in the building previously occupied by Stephen J. Cannell Productions, creator of "The A-Team" and numerous other 70s and 80s hit shows, and they basically used the same balcony.