The Purple Onion Closing: Famed San Francisco Comedy Club To Shut Its Doors (PHOTOS)

SF's Most Famous Comedy Club Will Close This Fall

The Purple Onion, the famous 60-year-old San Francisco comedy club and Beat-era fixture where the late Phyllis Diller made her debut, will soon be shutting its doors.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the closure, noting that, unlike other recent shutterings, there has been no controversy. The building has been bought and sold with no plans to rescue the famous club.

As the Chronicle noted, the club has not been operating full-time, but rather as a weekend venue, using social media to sell out underground shows.

Uptown Almanac reported that the new owner is rumored to be Roger Forbes, the strip club magnate who also recently purchased Tosca, one of San Francisco's most famous bars.

Friends took to Twitter, expressing sorrow over the news.

"WHAT?!" wrote one fan. "This can't happen."

"Not Tosca! Not the Purple Onion!" wrote another. "End of days, North Beach edition."

Indeed, the news of both the Purple Onion and Tosca has locals asking, "what's going on in North Beach?"

Check out some of the famous performers who have graced the Purple Onion stage over the years:

Zach Galifianakis

The Purple Onion

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