The Purpose of Hurt

Everyone thinks of having their feelings hurt as a negative experience. How could it not be, right? But can feeling this way actually serve us in some way? Well, the truth is, "hurt" is a very powerful and positive experience once we understand its real purpose.

Just because the experience is negative doesn't mean that the message it's giving is negative. We are being guided at all times to access our power. Believe it or not, our negative feelings are always directing us to acknowledge an inner strength and to become empowered.

Consider these three profound messages hiding behind the emotional pain we endure:

1) True Calling

When you go through something that makes you feel fearful, uneasy, or sad, it means that you are not a vibrational match to it. That is a good thing! It says that it is not what you want for yourself in your life. It is opposite of your truth. This unpleasantness is bringing attention to its opposite via a negative contrast. There is meaning in the contrast. It brings greater clarity and points you in another direction.

Many people are suffering in jobs that drain the joy from their lives. This is a huge red flag! They are participating in the opposite of their joy. Or maybe you're the type of person who has faced much pain and suffering throughout your life, could this mean that you have a natural ability to be a healer to others? How about someone who is fearful of meeting people? Their negative emotion of fear is telling them that not being fearful of meeting other people is what they really want. So, perhaps their true gift is to embody the opposite, positive energy, which is that of being a great communicator.

The contradictory vibration is guiding you to what may actually be your true calling in life. You have to ask yourself, "Is this something that resonates with me and makes me happy? Do I feel in vibrational alignment with this situation?" Well, if the feeling is uncomfortable and makes you unhappy, then, no, you are not in vibrational alignment. This means that the opposite, comfortable situation is, in fact, your vibrational alignment, and would merit a closer look as it may be your ultimate talent, gift, and life's calling. This is how weakness becomes strength. The bottom line is, how do you feel while you are doing something? You should only feel good when you engage in something to which you are a match.

2) Rising Above

Hurt comes in many forms. Most commonly, it comes in forms that trigger our sense of being devalued. Emotional hurt activates any underlying feelings of low self-esteem that we're holding on to. Now, if those feelings weren't triggered or activated, we would never be able to acknowledge them, address them, and rise above them. Unfortunately, the intensity of this type of wake-up call can be brutal. It happens in a very uncomfortable way in order to motivate us into strengthen and develop us.

Experiencing this kind of hurt is meant to empower. If we don't view it and understand it as such, then we will continue to be devalued by others until we get the message. It might take many years and many relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and partners until we decide that we are valuable.

Again, what is being brought to our attention, by not feeling good, because it is the opposite of our truth, is that somewhere inside of us, we don’t believe we are good enough. This belief is not who we are and is showing up in order to be cleared and released. We’re being shown where it is that we are not in alignment with that which is true. Every time we feel this, it is a grand opportunity to rise above the negative conditioning and live according to our authentic nature, which is in direct connection to our inner strength.

3) Responsibility

None of us wants to hear that we aren’t taking responsibility for our lives. However, when we feel hurt, and then assign blame to others for our hurt feelings, this is exactly what we’re doing. Let me explain...By placing blame on another person or on a situation, we are, in essence, giving them all the power. When we say, "They did this to me!" Or "They let this happen!" Or "It's because of this that..." what we are actually doing is claiming powerlessness. This way, we don't have to assume responsibility for the messes in our lives.

The point is, when we feel the need to blame someone or something, we are not getting the message as to why the situation occurred in the first place. The reason is not simply, “because that person is a jerk.” That person probably is a jerk, but the deeper meaning of the encounter was for you to recognize your own power - the power to create your life the way you want it to be. No one and nothing has that ability over you unless you give it to them. Taking responsibility is about finding that powerful part of yourself and applying it, which can only benefit your life.

So even though having negative emotions can be difficult at best to go through in life, those situations do in fact hold a very important purpose for each one of us. When we're in the moment, this may be impossible to see. However, when the smoke has cleared and we are no longer enveloped in our own suffering, hopefully, we can take a moment to recognize that we have been given an extraordinary opportunity to know ourselves on a more profound level and to embody who we truly are. This knowledge allows us to make worthwhile use of a painful time...Let’s not waste it.

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