The Purposeful Pause

As a leader today, you know the four key voices you must employ: strategic thinking, influencing, building relationships and executing. My extensive research and personal experience have proven that the fifth voice is actually the most powerful and it is discovered in a moment of silence. I call it the Purposeful Pause.

What is a Purposeful Pause? It is your ability to transcend the ego, the chaotic mind chatter that tells you to CREATE, WRITE, WORK NON-STOP until the project is complete and instead, walk away and get silent. It is the ability to step out in nature and take your dog for a walk when you have a proposal due in 5 hours and the pressure is on but the thoughts are just not coming to you. These moments of silence can prove to be the moments that AWAKEN YOUR GENIUS.

Have you ever awakened at 3 am with a crystal clear vision of something you have been wracking your brain about for what feels like an eternity? Research has shown that around 3 am, our subconscious brain is at its most peaceful state. It is at this time that your conscious mind is able to take over and place you fully in your state of flow, your ZONE of GENIUS.

The pressure to perform for leaders today is insurmountable at times. I fully understand your pain of constantly striving to be the creator and superhero of the day. I learned the hard way how to navigate this difficult terrain. It wasn't until I was forced to give in to my late night struggles for clarity and repeatedly noticing the infusion of brilliance that followed with the breaking of dawn that enabled me to finally embrace the Purposeful Pause. I learned to create this centered state with a meditation practice during the day. I created resilience over time to the relentless mind chatter telling me to keep striving and could recognize when the unproductivity period was beginning so I could pull myself away before I got pulled into the trenches. This is now an ingrained practice for me that has skyrocketed my productivity. I'm here to show you how to tap into it as well.

On August 29, 2016 I will be taking part in a free Virtual Leadership Summit: Conquering the Leadership Paradox. This highly anticipated virtual event is unlike any other summit or interview series you've heard before and it's going to give you an Edge whether you are a chief executive or a rising leader.

I will join 15 other "world class" leadership experts to offer our very best and most effective strategies to help you boost productivity, reduce stress, and accelerate company growth for FREE.
Some of the other topics include:
- Rising to Power: The Journey of Exceptional Executives
- When "No" Can Mean "Yes": How To Communicate Effectively in A Multicultural Environment
- Using Neuroscience to Change Behaviors
- Wake the F*** Up? You are Wasting Time, Money, and Productivity
- The War Against Talent
- Holistic Leadership- Partnering with Employees to Accelerate Growth

I look forward to sharing my powerful insights with you on the 29th. You can register by clicking on the event link below.