Queen Elizabeth II And Her Corgis (PHOTOS)

LOOK: The Queen Loved Corgis Before They Were Cool

Corgis have wiggled their way into all of our hearts, but no one has loved them quite as much -- or for as long -- as the Queen of England.

According to BBC, the Royal Family's corgi obsession began in the 1930s when Queen Elizabeth II's father bought his first Pembroke corgi, Dookie.

Since then, the Queen has owned and even bred several of them. To this day, her two cuddly companions, Willow and Holly, seldom leave her side. They even made an appearance with her at the Olympics.

Needless to say, there is no shortage of photos of the Queen with her favorite canines from over the years. Check out out these images posted by Redditor Jennny55. Some are from over 70 years ago.

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