The Queer Nuances Of LGBT Financial Planning


On this Queer Money, we talk with financial advisor, Cathy Pareto, about her story and the unique considerations of LGBT financial planning. Pareto is a financial advisor from Miami, FL, affiliated with GuideVine.

A trailblazer, Pareto told her story of being one-half of the first same-sex couples to be married in the state of Florida. She, also, shared how she and her wife, Karla Arguello, were then plaintiffs in the case that overturned Florida's birth certificate rule that prohibited two people of the same sex from being listed on a birth certificate.

Oh, and she gives great financial advice to our queer listeners and financial advisors with queer clients!

LGBT Financial Planning

As a financial advisor and a trailblazer for the queer community, Pareto provides unique insight into LGBT financial planning for single people, partners and spouses.

Pareto shares her and her wife's personal financial considerations both before and after marriage, including health benefits, child adoption credits and health club memberships. To prove she's a hero with whom we can relate, Pareto shares an experience she and her wife had while standing in the grocery aisle discussing the importance of olives.

If you need a financial advice or give financial advice, you must hear this Queer Money.