The Quirky Girl Timeline: A History Of Quirk From Hepburn To Deschanel (VIDEO)

The Quirky Girl Timeline

This Saturday marks Zooey Deschanel's first time hosting "Saturday Night Live", which will be one small step for Zooey and one giant leap for twee culture, but what all of the bloggers mumbling about manic pixie dream girls and aggressive whimsy seem to be forgetting is that this rise of the quirky girl has been a long time coming.

This isn't just some flimsy construct that appeared overnight in the accessories section of Urban Outfitters. There's been an evolution in pop culture for the better part of the last century leading us to the Cure-loving "(500) Days of Summer"-starring ladies of today, and we decided we'd take a look back at the history of quirk in honor of Zooey's big night.

So slip on some furry bunny slippers, adjust your thick-framed glasses and get comfy, cause we're starting all the way back in 1953 with Audrey Hepburn.

Think we forgot someone? Let us know in the comments!

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