The Radio Call-In That Had Everyone Crying on the Day of the Supreme Court's Marriage Decision

It was of course a milestone for the LGBT equality movement when the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that marriage is a constitutional right for gays and lesbians. But for many it meant much more than rights. It was personal, about their relationships, their families and even their own self-worth. It was about having the highest court in the land legitimize them in the eyes not only of the world but of everyone in their lives.

On my radio program on SiriusXM Progress, the calls were coming in fast and furiously as people expressed their joy. Robert in Wisconsin called and talked about how he went into work to find his sisters waiting for him. They then revealed something about their deceased father that had listeners -- and all of us in the studio -- tearing up and realizing how much this decision meant to so many people, far beyond the rights and benefits of marriage. Listen in.

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