The Reading Series: Will Rahilly's "Blue Dot" & Ben Fama's "Los Angeles"

In "Blue Dot," Will Rahilly depicts a woman reading poetry, which imbeds meaning into her vague appearance as she sprouts tendrils and thrashes on the news. The poem, Ben Fama's "Los Angeles," flashes in Papyrus typeface before fragments are displayed on a news ticker. In the most calming portion of the video, we follow a blue sphere as it rushes past palm trees, and see the words "DRINK DIET COKE," which seems like good advice. And also perfect product placement in this already mesmerizing scene. Meanwhile, the music is methodical and constant, a lullabied pressure to watch the sphere as it rolls through the landscape. Using elements from Fama's poem, Rahilly creates a world where words are unfashionable, media is controlling, and poetry becomes a lived experience.

Will Rahilly is a multimedia artist who makes installations involving analogue phenomenon, photographs that contain objects without function, and videos dense with color and sound. He is based in New York City. 

Ben Fama is the author of Fantasy (Ugly Duckling Presse) as well as several chapbooks and pamphlets, including the artist book Mall Witch, Cool Memories, Odalisque, and Aquarius Rising. He is the co-founder of Wonder, and lives in New York City. @benfama