'The Real Housewives Of South Boston' Should Be An Actual Show (VIDEO)

WATCH: Real Housewives Of South Boston

If you've ever found yourself wishing Bravo's Real Housewives did something funnier than sip Pinot Grigio to the point of insanity, you're in luck. The Real Housewives of South Boston are here, and they have all of the regional kitsch we've come to expect from the regular Housewives, but without all that boring stuff in the middle where they try to convince us that they're American royalty.

The awesome parody, written by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jessica Easonstarring, and starring Jackie Clarke (of Julie and Jackie), Jessica Eason, Jamie Denbo, Lucia Aniello and Jessica Chaffin, brings the LOLs for sure, and the best South Boston accents since "Good Will Hunting."

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