'The Real L Word' Cast Member Romi Klinger On Being Bisexual

"The lesbians are looking at you like you're kind of a traitor, you don't know what side you want -- you're not really one of them. And then, the more straight community's going, 'Oh, you're kind of slutty!'"

That's how "The Real L Word" star Romi Klinger describes the societal challenges of identifying as bisexual in this exclusive video for HuffPost Gay Voices. Klinger, who says she has always pursued relationships with both men and women and whose mother was in a decade-long relationship with another woman, insists it's "about the relationship" itself rather than a given partner's gender.

On the criticism she's received for her bisexuality, Klinger says, "We're asking other people to give us equality and to give us rights and to not judge us because they don't understand us...but yet within our own community, we're looking at our friends and judging them for who they are."

Unfortunately, Klinger said that her "Real L Word" cast mates were just as critical of her dating a man after splitting with a woman: "The girls on the show...looked at me like I was a money-hungry fame whore."

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