The Real Liar And Criminal In This Election

America, we have to get this one right.

I can’t take it anymore, and I know I’m not alone. The blood sport trashing of the most qualified person ever to run for president is an attack on all women, and men, and an attack on our democracy ― and my blood is boiling over. I don’t wish my election angst and fury on anyone, but I really hope you’re with me.

After enduring vicious attacks from feckless men like Trey Gowdy for over 30 years, in this election alone, Hillary Clinton has been attacked daily and ruthlessly by those masters of misogyny Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity. She is assaulted hour after hour by her opponent/enemy, who lies so consistently and virulently that I don’t know how she doesn’t implode from anger and resentment. And now that the incompetent Republican FBI Director has decided to play God with this election and the future of our country, she is in an eleventh hour fight for her political life, when this race was all but wrapped up one week ago.

The false equivalency of the emails is driving me mad. Clinton’s opponent is accused not only of sexually assaulting at least eleven women, but faces court proceedings in December for allegedly raping a child at convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s estate. His fake college, Trump University, which bilked people out of their life savings, will also be the subject of a fraud trial this November. How many business people have to come forward to testify that Trump did not pay them for the honest work they completed? How many more people have to write about his unethical, illegal behavior? How many more biographers and journalists have to take off his mask to reveal the real Donald Trump? How, pray tell, are Hillary Clinton’s emails equal to the unhinged ravings of a man who knows nothing about our world, who foments hatred and fear, a man who would say anything to further his own personal cause? A man who would be king?

The cruelty that Trump and his henchmen have perpetrated on Hillary Clinton is nothing short of the most vile, sexist assault in the history of U.S. politics.

And then there is the barrage of daily lies. In addition to his fictions about the implications of Comey’s letter to Congress, Trump’s latest rally and Twitter diatribes are not only dangerous but libelous. He claims that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in the history of presidential politics, that the emails are worse that Watergate. This isn’t just political hyperbole – these are the fabrications of a delusional, authoritarian man who believes he is the savior, who believes his opponent must be crushed, quartered and imprisoned.

The lesser lies are no less staggering. Trump has spent the last few days on the campaign trail promising that Hillary Clinton is going to allow 650-million immigrants into this country. Would someone please ask him how many people he thinks live in the U.S. now? The answer is 319-million. Hillary is going to triple the U.S. population? He lies daily about the crime rate in this country: no, it is not the worst it’s been in 45 years. He likes to say Americans pay the highest taxes. Not even close. He lies daily about Hillary’s role in the world: she has been blamed for everything that’s happened in this country for the last thirty years. He lies about his own philanthropy, which has been proven by the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold to be anything but what he claims. He lies about the women who have come forward to accuse him of assault, promising to sue them.

The cruelty that Trump and his henchmen have perpetrated on Hillary Clinton is nothing short of the most vile, sexist assault in the history of U.S. politics. It’s classic misogynistic behavior: the attacks on her stamina, blaming her for her husband’s infidelities, the nasty woman name calling. There is one goal here: to keep a woman from becoming the leader of the free world. With the complicity of Republicans like James Comey and Paul Ryan, that goal may be reached on November 8th. And in her place, America will have elected the most deranged and dangerous crook of a man ever to enter the American political sphere.

When my blood stops boiling momentarily, and I take a breath, I find that I’m mostly sad and afraid, rather than angry. The realization that so many millions in this country could be fooled by this man’s chicanery, that they could be seduced by his ignorance, racism and misogyny, that there are so many who would bow down to him and consent to a dictatorship in the greatest democracy on earth – is the most depressing and demoralizing aspect of this depressing and demoralizing election.

America: we have to get this one right. We don’t have four years and a country to spare.