The Real Opportunity in Every Community

Here is a staggering statistic...70.7 percent of women in the U.S. do not volunteer.* When I first heard that, I was dismayed but not surprised.

There are myriad reasons why more of us don't raise our hands to do more and give back. Too little time. Too much effort, not enough energy. Confused about how to get started, who to approach, where to go, what to do. Yet, I would argue that many women give back in ways they may not even realize.

Some small, some large. But all delivered from our unique perspective, with each generous act helping to build, improve and sustain our communities. The fact is that women throughout history have always played a vital role in helping advance causes, initiatives and lives to help our communities prosper. And now, skills‐based volunteering offers the greatest opportunity for women to do what we do best to change the world around us for the better.

This month, the global community came together to celebrate International Women's Day 2015: Make it Happen. Just as International Women's Day celebrates the achievements of women around the globe, WomenOnCall celebrates the achievements of skilled, professional women every day.

WomenOnCall is focused on skills-based volunteerism. And we offer professional women an effective way to connect with nonprofits and contribute with specificity and passion -- through high-impact projects that require just 10 hours of service or less. WomenOnCall provides an avenue for skilled volunteers to leverage their expertise to help nonprofits and their communities accomplish tasks and reach goals they would not have been able to reach with their own limited resources and capacity.

Through this work, we see the impact that one person can have. Each of us has the opportunity to improve not only our community but the world around us in profound ways. Now is the perfect time to join us. Let's change that statistic and "make it happen" every day.

*Based on 2013 statistics from the Corporation for National & Community service.

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