The REAL Reasons Why Men Flake (Text Him THIS to Win Back Control)

You’re excited…

You’ve been texting back and forth with him all week…

You know exactly what you’re going to wear and your confidence is high…


He cancels.

There are two reasons why men bail on you.

The reason he tells you, and the REAL reason.

Here are the three biggest reasons why men flake:


When a guy flakes on you for one of these reasons, it doesn’t have to be “game over.”

In today’s video, I give you a tiny word-for-word text you can immediately send to regain the upper hand and take control of the situation.

If you’re tired of men ditching you at the very last minute, check out the video and leave a comment below.

Your Coach, Adam

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Summary –

Prefer to read?

Here are the cliff notes for why men flake:

1. He’s Seeing Other Women

… and he’s debating his best option. Unless you’re in a committed relationship with a guy, you have to assume that he’s at least talking to other women.

Unless you’re in a committed relationship with a guy, you have to assume that he’s at least talking to other women.

In the spirit of transparency, I used to be very flakey myself until I was ready for a real relationship.

I personally found that when I was dating a bit more casually, I’d be as flakey as I could possibly get away with.


I met Jessica.

She was so incredibly unaccepting of me being a flake, that I wouldn’t even dare to pull a stunt like that with her.

So remember: unless you’re in a committed relationship with a guy, keep your options open.

2. He’s Pursuing Another Woman Because She Seems Easier

I was definitely never that bad, but I know plenty of guys who are.

Some guys, who are only looking to sleep around, will often bail on a woman like you.

He knows that you’re a sexy, confident woman, who isn’t going to deal with his shenanigans, so he pursues an easier “target.”

Once you start positioning yourself as a high-value woman, some guys you’ll meet will simply flake on you for a woman he thinks will put out more quickly.

This is actually a good thing.

It might not feel like it at the time, but it really is.

When a guy flakes on you because he’s pursuing easier women to sleep with, he’s freeing up your time and your emotional energy to be with an actual high-value man.

Guys who are only going for easy women are the bottom feeders of the dating world.

They’re like crabs… scurrying around… looking for the easiest women to sink their claws into.

But you… my sexy lady… are a glorious swordfish.

You’re waiting to be snatched up by a caring, respectful man, and you’re not to be messed with.

3. You Always Flake On Guys, and Karma is a Bitch

I personally believe in karma, and I believe in the law of attraction, especially with dating.

Many times, what you’re putting out into the universe comes right back to bite you in the ass tenfold.

If you find that you’re flaking on guys that maybe you’re not that interested in… and you’re constantly flaking on them for other guys… then you kind of deserve to be flaked on yourself by the guy that you really want.

The Super Awesome Magic Text That Turns The Tables:

Here it is…

If you ever get a text last minute and the guy is flaking on you, then go ahead and send him this text:

“Hey, I’m actually super busy this weekend. I might be around later next week. Give me a call then and let me know what you were thinking.”

Make him reinvest his time and energy to call you, and if he won’t call you, he’s not worth your time.

You are a high-value woman who doesn’t deal with any of this bullshit.

Let me ask you, have you ever been flaked on, and did any of these reasons hit home with you?

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