The Real Story Behind That Awkward Melania Trump And Prince Harry Photo

Photos of Prince Harry meeting Melania Trump at the Invictus Games in October quickly spread like wildfire on the internet over an awkward hand signal he flashed next to the first lady.

Some speculated that Harry’s hand gesture looked like a “devil’s horn,” while one body expert claimed that it was a sign of “self-comfort.” CNN reporter Kate Bennett ― a White House correspondent who closely follows the Trump family’s day-to-day lives ― has now finally cleared up the mystery behind the bizarre photo op.  

In an interview with The Daily Front Row, Bennett revealed that Harry “was reaching in to unbutton his coat to sit down, but the cameras kept clicking so he still had his hand in there in that weird way.”

“He was pausing,” she continued. “He wasn’t throwing a secret gang sign. They got held up in the pictures.”

We would have never guessed ― mystery solved!

Bennett then went on to reveal more details about Melania’s first solo international trip as first lady, calling the experience an “amazing day.”

“It was very moving to watch her at the Invictus Games as the Wounded Warriors and the USA team came out ... Although the press was seated quite far from her, we could see her, and I could tell that she was doing the hand motions or when she was doing a standing ovation. It was very interesting to watch her.”

Prior to covering the Trumps, she spent the final year and a half of the Obama administration writing about the former first family. Bennett pointed out there are actually a lot of similarities between former FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Melania. 

“They’re not that dissimilar in their enthusiasm for the job, but their skill sets are obviously different because they have different strengths and weaknesses,” Bennett said. “I think people categorize Melania as a whole. They say she doesn’t want to be here, she doesn’t deign to touch the White House. I think those people would be surprised by just how opposite [of that] she is.”

For more on Melania Trump, watch the video above. 

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