The Real Weapons Are Hate, Fear And Anger


There is nothing more disturbing than the chaos and killings that are witnessed in any nation. Those killings have been occurring in America senselessly and unnecessarily. Retaliation and annihilation are not the answers. Our past great leaders of the Civil Rights Movement did not fight for a black America, but for a beautifully diverse nation. They wanted peace and fought for peace. Anger is something that is real. Anger, hate and fear are the real weapons of any of these tragedies. These emotional feelings are like ticking time bombs, ready to explode inside of a person at any time. Once people have hatred in their heart or mind for a race, religion, sexual orientation or any other aspects of society, they become a toxin that can leak their chemically dangerous idioms onto others. And guns are not the only problem. If a man doesn't have a gun, he will find another weapon and way to invoke his ideology and violence on others.

The mentality is the biggest issue that needs to be changed. The pessimism, the misunderstandings and the fear of the unknown. It could be a mental instability in someone or a dangerous way of thinking in general. The weapons provide access for many of these individuals to act on their sick ideas that they have created in their mind. The world needs to change the way it thinks. People need to stop hating others because of the color of their skin, and also stop blaming every officer for the deaths of many brothers and sisters in this nation, just as you can't blame an entire religion for a few bad people. There are too many deadly shootings in America, giving new meaning to the word terrorism. Terrorism is extreme beliefs; terrorism is violence. Terrorism is not a million miles away in third world nations. It is here on our soil. One dangerous thought can turn any sane individual into a threat to the nation. Thoughts of hate, vengeance and fear are the most deadly weapons in the world. There does need to be better action taken on gun laws. However, the killer at the church in South Carolina, the murderer at the night club in Florida and the sniper at the recent protests in Dallas all had one weapon in common: the deadly weapons of anger, hate and fear.

We must learn to change our mentality and then we can change the world. We are living in perilous times. People are hurting, aching and distressed. You do have to put yourself in the shoes of the families of those killed. Losing a loved one has got to be the most excruciating, unbearable and painful experience. But having a vendetta will only cause more pain, and the sequence will never end using this method. Hatred is the cancer of society, killing and causing a vicious, deadly cycle. Black lives matter. Children's lives matter; police officers' lives matter; Christian, Muslims, Buddhist, Jewish lives matters, LBGT lives matter. Everyday profiling and injustice is a very real tragedy, but we must learn to say "how can we move forward and not backwards in this great nation?" And the answer is that all lives do matter and we all bleed red. We must stop looking at the problem and look for ways to solve it. Otherwise, killings will never end and countless innocent people will die, all because the weapon of hatred, fear and anger has taken on a life in reality.

And we have to change our mentality to change our reality.