'The Real World: San Diego' Reunion: Is Frank A Psychopath? An Idiot? (VIDEO)

'Real World' Reunion: Is Frank A Psychopath?

One of the most polarizing figures on any season of "The Real World," Frank Sweeney drove his housemates crazy through the San Diego season with his unfiltered mouth. At "The Real World: San Diego Reunion" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on MTV), it became clear that there was still no love lost between Frank and a couple of the castmembers.

Frank was still completely unable -- or unwilling -- to keep his thoughts to himself. When Ashley innocently said that she wasn't familiar with the "crab circle" happening toward the end of their stay in the house, Frank interrupted her. "Can you not play dumb this whole reunion please? That would be great," he said.

As the conversation between the two escalated, Zach put his two cents in. "You're a f**king psychopath is what it is," he told Frank.

Frank just smiled and kept telling them that they couldn't put him down. He's so happy with himself and he's beyond any harm their words could do. But he's apparently not above trying to use his own words to harm others.

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