'The Real World' Shakeup: Season 29 Adds Exes, New Title

MTV is shaking up "The Real World" for Season 29. According to EW, Season 29 will be set in San Fransisco and see a major format change with the addition of exes. Oh, there's a new subtitle too: It's now "The Real World: Ex-Plosion."

Seven strangers will still move in together, but after a month into their three-month time in San Fransisco, they'll go on a trip and return to find their exes have moved into the house as well.

"When 'The Real World' went on the air in ’92 you put seven diverse people together and you get conflict, and out of that conflict would come change, and then you have a story,” series co-creator Jonathan Murray told EW. “Now that it’s 21 years or so later, maybe we're a bit of a victim of our own success. Diversity is a fact of life today. A lot of young people date people of different races, or have friends who are gay. The world has changed. We’ve had conversations [with the network] throughout 28 seasons of the show, but we’ve never made this big of a commitment to change."

For casting, Murray said they looked for singles who have interesting relationships with their exes. "When you talk about the age of our cast, their ex is often their first love -- they play a huge role in their life," Murray said.

Five of the seven exes agreed to move into the house.

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