The Reality Of Reiki (All Togther Podcast)

The Reality Of Reiki (All Togther Podcast)

One day I was asking around in the HuffPost newsroom about if anyone had ever played around with a Ouija board. One of my colleagues, Christy, said she had not but that she did have an extremely powerful spiritual experience with the healing practice of Reiki.

The spiritual healing practice of Reiki was one of those things I had heard of before but didn't know a thing about. So I asked Christy if she would invite Michelle, her friend and a Reiki practitioner, to come in and talk to me about what had happened when she practiced Reiki on Christy, teach me about the spiritual tradition -- and to do a session with me as we recorded!

All Together is dedicated to exploring ethics religion and spiritual practice in daily life. My guest today is Michele Kennedy, a Yoga teacher and head of ShantiBabyYoga, and a level III Reiki Master and head of Purple Reiki in Brooklyn, New York. You can download All Together on iTunes, or Stitcher.

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