The Reality TV Presidency!

I have to admit from the very first episode I have been hooked on the Kardashians. What a perfect way to escape! Just turn on the television show and for an hour be transported to the land of drama.

You never knew what you might find going on in the Kardashian household- marrying, divorcing, having a baby, changing genders, gaining and losing weight. The backdrop is glitter and glam, big houses, designer clothes, athletes, singers, makeup and so much more. Millions of people watch this stuff! For me it’s pure escapism bordering on addiction.

The Kardashians play the PR game so well. Stories would be planted in all the celeb gossip magazines right before the show. Headlines like “Kim and Kanye are having another baby!!!”, “Scott is sleeping with another woman” perfectly mirroring the theme of that weeks’ show. The production of money, sex, fame and fortune continued. It became kind of an addiction for me, I craved the drama.

Recently, as I was checking my Twitter feed to see what Donald was up to, I recognized this pattern. I was so used to the excess, insults, intrigue and general craziness of this White House that I began to look for new tweets. Kiddingly I commented to my friend “it’s been a slow news day today” on the few days without new presidential tweets. This presidency really feels like a reality TV show. I guess that is what happens when you elect a reality TV star to the Presidency. But this isn’t reality TV, it’s real life! It can be scary and overwhelming and yes, a bit addicting.

Focusing on so much craziness, negativity and drama does not help us live a mindful life. I have a few tips to help us all kick the habit.

1) Replace the habit with something better. Can you imagine the time you will have in your day if you turn off and tune out the constant 24/7 news media coverage? I have chosen to do my yoga practice each morning when I would normally be watching Morning Joe, even though I love that show. This is a big win/win. Not only am I disconnecting from the terrifying bombardment of stories, I am connecting to peace and breathing. Connecting with myself, realizing that peace begins with me. Other positive things I do instead of watching the news are walking, meditating or reading.

2) Ease out slowly, allow yourself a specific amount of time on a TV news shows, news website or social media sites that will give you quickly what you need to know. I sometimes check my twitter feed just to “see what is happening.” Sometimes I can go down the rabbit hole for hours but I like to keep it at twenty minutes or so. Then I shut it off. Instead of CNN going on in the background of your home or office, play music that makes you feel connected to your soul. Sometimes I play Gregorian chants and other times I dance around to Bruno Mars.

3) Imagine your life without this addiction. Without it, I feel less anxious and more peaceful. I have more time in my day to do healthy things and I feel more positive about life. We all know what you focus on grows, so not filling your mind with drama, insults and fear is a really big deal.

4) I also practice handing it over to the Universe. Watching the President act so crazy can create anxiety. We feel out of control, perhaps even depressed. This is when we need to pull out the faith card. Realize that the universe has your back. Have faith that this is all a part of a bigger plan. There is a spiritual transformation happening now on this earth and Donald is part of that plan.

Living mindfully is certainly a challenge in this difficult time, but the rewards are so great. When you live positively in spite of your buttons that are being pushed by this turmoil, you are in control. When you connect to a vibration of peace, nothing and no one can hurt you. You are in control when you are at peace and peace is where power lies. Repeat after me, you had the power all along my dear!