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The Reason Why Most People Won't Succeed

Why aren't YOU successful? (or) Why most people don't achieve success? (...please note, IF this strikes a chord, IF this ticks you off, please, please ... let it light your fire )
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Why aren't YOU successful? (or) Why most people don't achieve success?

(...please note, IF this strikes a chord, IF this ticks you off, please, please ... let it light your fire )

Friends, isn't it crazy when we watch other successful people, no matter WHERE they're from, no matter WHAT background they have, no matter WHAT business or goal or company they work for...they all have the same traits.

All of these insanely successful people do the VERY SAME THINGS.... and guess what? The majority of them SHARE these things.

Quite frankly, the secrets to success are rather apparent and easy to understand. So why .... seriously, WHY aren't more of us successful?

Even more crazy, the majority of them know these secrets to success yet we aren't there yet... and the most unfortunate news, the majority of people will not ever get "there".

➡️Here it is... the ever so NON mind boggling "secrets" that 9 out of 10 of us already know...

1. FEAR - the fear of rejection - the fear of failure - but mostly, (this blows my mind) the fear of what OTHERS WILL THINK OF US!

...can you believe "so and so's" opinion will stop YOU from achieving crazy, mind blowing success???? Think about that for 2 minutes - you are letting another's opinion derail you from crazy, insane SUCCESS!

2. CONSISTENCY - this separates the boys from the men - this separates good from great - this is what will boggle most people's minds of, "Well, I'm trying...I'm doing "good". "This just isn't working. It's probably not meant for me anyways." you realize that if you would put some of the "good" habits into play - every - single - blessed day - what would transpire after 6 months...after a year...imagine that after 2-3 years? But most won't...and why?

--->They're tired.
--->They're busy.
--->No one understands how "hard it is for them."

Oh, my Friends...I share this lovingly. Let me tell you, I'm a people person. I LOVE to see others succeed. I'm the biggest sucker for the underdog, and I'll be the first to admit, in my life, I've played so many "cards" of why I should feel bad for myself or why others should feel bad for me. I could easily list 100+ excuses as to why ______________

We live in a society where...well, quite honestly, we are GREAT... GENIUS... CONSISTENT 🔸excuse makers🔸. We just are. It makes us feel better, right? We almost try to trick our minds, as we try to fool others, why we can't have what we want or why we can't go after our heart's desires or why we just aren't able to do x,y,z because we've been dealt a terribly unfair hand of cards.

I did it ... many times for many years.


I used to feel sorry for myself.
I grew up at the poverty level.
My mother and I lived off the government.
We used food stamps to get our groceries.
I had gone through some things no child should ever have to see, hear, endure and well, it didn't stop through my teenage years.
I've endured some experiences that left me overcoming post traumatic stress disorder.
In my adult life I worked so hard but was still coming up short - how unfair I thought.
I had to leave my babies to go back to teach when "I should have been able to stay home" ... surely this was someone's fault.

For years I played the martyr.

For years I wanted - and needed - people to feel sorry for me.

And then I decided I could feel sorry for myself for the rest of my ONE life, ONE shot I was given ... OR ... I could thank God for my experiences not being worse and ask Him to use those to only bless me and bless others.

I could keep playing the victim or decide to USE my hardships and setbacks to become a victor.

One day I decided I would use every excuse, every mistake, all of my MESS and give God the control to turn it into His message.

Friends, if we all only knew our self worth. If we all could see that we could do whatever our heart and mind has dreamed up - but the one thing in this life to hold us back from it - was the one staring back in the mirror at you.

Are you being your own roadblock? Are YOU the cause of your lack of success?

Study about them - watch them - listen to them - the most successful people in this world ... they all have a beautiful, unique message but I promise you, every last one has done the VERY same things to get them there.

Cast out fear. "So and so's" opinion will never cut you a check nor will they help pull you closer to your dream.

Be consistent. Tirelessly and painfully consistent - 365 days a year.

And most importantly, believe it. Claim it. Thank God in advance all day, everyday for abundantly blessing you and your efforts.

Have a big faith. Claim big things. And you will get big things.

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