The Reason You Never Hit Your Goals

I've been blessed with a ridiculous amount of drive. I have this mind that is focused on some sort of overbearing goal at all times. And while I had always seen this fiery passion as a gift, at some point in my life I realized that it's also one of my biggest downfalls.

The problem with this burning sensation to be better, do better and accomplish more is that at the end of every effort I was always left with the same feeling -- a feeling of not being enough. The guilt to do more would never go away. Because really, for a person who has such high expectations, vivid dreams and romantic goals, can anything ever be enough?

Does this all sound scary familiar?

This feeling is great for when you need the inspiration to keep going, but not-so-great for the innocent souls that live inside of us, who do their best every day and who carry the purest intentions. Sadly, we rarely gift ourselves a hug or even a simple pat on the back. Instead, we're constantly being drained for just one more drop -- a drop that, of course, is never quite enough to fill our very large glass of expectations.

This constant struggle of striving and thirsting for more had left me on a never-ending wheel of lack. And I desperately wanted to get off.

"There must be a better way," I thought. A way of life that involves laughter, ease and rainbow-colored sprinkles. You believe it's out there, don't you?

Today, join me in getting off the wheel of lack. Because you know what, you are enough. I am enough. We are enough.

Of course, you've probably thought about putting this into play before, but the fear is that you'll become lazy, content, or mediocre -- all words that make people like us cringe. But instead, let's use that fear as a reminder that understanding our limitations and having compassion for ourselves is the only way we'll be able to perform to our greatest potential. Bullying yourself with thoughts of, "I should do more" will only hinder you from reaching that point of bliss that is right in front of you.

All we can do is our best from where we are every day, and that's all we can ask of ourselves... it's the best of us. Is there really anything more?

When you live in lack, it doesn't matter how much you do, you'll always feel like what you have and who you surround yourself with are not enough. Because, after all, the company you keep also feels like an extension of yourself and your efforts. If they're not enough, well then obviously, you must not be doing enough.

The miracle occurs when you realize that you, and they, are enough. You make do with what you have today, and you work from right there. You don't look back at what you could have done last month, and you don't look forward in fear of what you might not have next month. You're sabotaging your present -- which is where the magic happens -- if you're seeing the past and future as a state of lack.

Instead, you must constantly remind yourself that: You. Are. Enough.

Step off the wheel of "I'm not enough." And instead, step on the road of creating with what you have at this moment by putting your best efforts forward. After all, I know that my best is, indeed, enough. And so is yours.

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