The Record Shop, Episode #2: "Vinyl"

"The Shop follows the day-to-day life of Lewis, its one and only clerk. His daily interactions with the regular and one-time customers often resembles group therapy mixed with a southern revival. Freaks, geeks, enthusiasts, and tools, Lewis not only sells music, but often solves the world's problems... in theory, anyway." --Chris Pomeroy

2015-02-26-2012082315.26.45.jpg --The Record Shop, by Bayard Morse

Lewis, sitting at counter, reading Ulysses. Customer walks in, wearing jeans, t-shirt and a knit hat.

Dude: Hey, man.

Customer: Hey, man. Have you heard this? (holding up new Beach House cd)

Dude: No, but I've heard good things about it.

Customer: Ummm, well do have have the new Broken Bells on vaneel?

Dude: Can you spell that?

Customer: V-i-n-y-l

Dude: Ummmm...yes. We have the Broken Bells record.